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BlopWWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2010 Cheats and Hints!
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How to Cheat:
Enter these codes at 'Options'->'Cheats' menu:

The Great One - Unlock 'The Rock'.
BonusBrawl - Unlock Vince Office and The Dirt Sheet.


Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

Face on the Big Screen [15] - Convert a HIGHLIGHT REEL into an entrance movie.
Check Out the New Threads [15] - Create ALTERNATE ATTIRE for a CREATED SUPERSTAR and new THREADS for a WWE SUPERSTAR.
An Original Design [15] - Create an original image using the PAINT TOOL.
New Superstar Initiative [15] - Create a SUPERSTAR in CREATE A SUPERSTAR Mode.
Story Designer [20] - Create an original story using WWE STORY DESIGNER Mode.
Finisher of the Year Candidate [20] - Create a dive finisher, in Create A Finisher mode, and use it in a match [single player only].
HBK Story [20] - Complete the HBK story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode.
Intermediate Technician [20] - Succeed at a cumulative total of 50 reversals [single player only].
Shoulders to the Mat [20] - Win 50 matches by pinfall [single player only].
Mickie James Story [20] - Complete the MICKIE JAMES story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode.
Orton Story [20] - Complete the ORTON story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode.
Edge Story [20] - Complete the EDGE story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode.
A Grappling Machine [20] - In one match, perform all 16 STRONG GRAPPLE moves on your opponent [single player only].
Ask Him Ref! [20] - Win 10 matches by submission [single player only].
Brand Warfare Story [20] - Complete the BRAND WARFARE story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode.
Created Superstar Story [20] - Complete the CREATE A SUPERSTAR story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode.
Developmental Graduate [50] - Complete the TRAINING CHECKLIST.
A Showman Like No Other [50] - Have a total of 20 or more 5-star rated matches in your overall match history.
Career Growth [50] - Increase the overall rating of a CREATED SUPERSTAR character to a 90 or above.
Ahead of the Pack [50] - Win as tentative Champion from start to end in CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAMBLE. [single player only]
Technical Wizardry [100] - Succeed at a cumulative total of 100 reversals [single player only].
And STILL Champion... [100] - Defend a Title in a Championship Scramble match on Legend difficulty [single player only].
2010 Hall of Fame Nominee [100] - Induct a Superstar into the HALL OF FAME.
Nothing More to Gather [100] - Unlock all the playable characters and bonus items.
Royal Rumble Specialist [100] - Win a 30-Man ROYAL RUMBLE as the first entrant without changing Superstars [single player only].

Hints: Unlock Abilities:
Durability - Get Durability Attribute score of 85.
Hardcore Ressurrection - Get hardcore score of 90.
Kip Up - Get a Technical score of 85.
Exploder Tunbuckle Attack - Get your speed attribute score of 75.
Fan Favorite - Get charisma score of 80.
Fired Up - Get your overall rating of a 90.
Lock Pick - Get a submission score of 80.
Object Specialist - Get a hardcore score of 70.
Resiliency - Get an overall rating of 92.
Strong Strike - Get a strike score of 75.

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