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BlopWWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009 Cheats and Hints!
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How to Cheat:
Enter the following codes at the 'Cheat Code' menu:

AltJerichoModelSvR09 - Chris Jericho Classic Attire.
FlairWoooooooooooooo - Ric Flair.
SatNightMainEventSvR - Saturday Night's Main Event Arena.
Ryder&HawkinsTagTeam - Unlock Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder.
HornswoggleAsManager - Unlock Hornswoggle as a Manager.
UnlockSnitskySvR2009 - Unlock Snitsky.
UnlockECWTazzSvR2009 - Unlock Tazz.
PlayAsJillianHallSvR - Unlock Jillian.
UnlockECWDivaLayla09 - Unlock Layla.
VinceMcMahonNoChance - Unlock Mr. McMahon.
BoogeymanEatsWorms!! - Unlock The Boogeyman.


Hints: Easy '5 Stars' Achievement:
Set the difficulty to easy, turn off DQ, then beat up the CPU player so that he bleeds. If you have the patience, also completely make the body red and put him through the announcers table.

Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Create A Finisher [10] - Defeat an opponent using a Created Finisher in a match.
Congrats are in order [10] - Win an Exhibition match.
Undertaker Story [20] - Complete Undertaker's story in Road to WrestleMania mode.
Smokin' [20] - Defeat Kane in an Inferno Match.
Chris Jericho Story [20] - Complete Chris Jericho's story in Road to WrestleMania mode.
Cena Story [20] - Complete Cena's story in Road to WrestleMania mode.
Lights, Camera, Action! [30] - Create at least 1 original WWE highlight reel.
A brawl to end them all [30] - Win in both a Locker Room Brawl and Backstage Brawl.
Triple H Story [40] - Complete Triple H's DX and Evolution route in Road to WrestleMania mode.
Mysterio & Batista Story [40] - Complete Mysterio & Batista's story in Road to WrestleMania mode using both Superstars.
Unstoppable [60] - Use a created Superstar and obtain 6 abilities in Career Mode.
Gold Rush [60] - In Career mode, win every WWE Championship at least once.
5 Stars [60] - In Career mode, Obtain a 5-Star match rating.
A year in the life [100] - Complete 1 year of Career Mode playing each match.
5 Hall of Famers [100] - In Career mode, induct 5 Superstars to the Hall of Fame.
Bonus Gatheror [150] - Obtain all bonuses in Road to WrestleMania mode.

Hints: Unlimited Tables:
Use the Backbreaker glitch and go to where the tables were in WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2008. Press A around there and eventually you will pick up the table. You can get an unlimited number of tables.

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