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BlopWWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 Cheats and Hints!
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How to Cheat:
The following CASE-SENSITIVE codes should be entered under the options menu:

KellyKG12R - Unlock Kelly Kelly alternate outfit
DXCostume69K2 - Unlock HHH & HBK alternate D-X outfits


Hints: Money In The Bank: Easy Wins:
Take both ladders to entrance ramp all the way to the place where the superstars enter. Wait for the other superstars to go to you. Once they get there, hit them all with a ladder. Run back with one ladder and get the briefcase. Note: Superstars only walk; they do not run. This trick also works in a Ladder match.
Get both ladders. Set one up under the briefcase/title. Set the other one up diagonally. Run up the ladder that is set up diagonally while holding the Left and Right Analog-sticks. If done correctly, your superstar will grab the briefcase/title and both the ladders will fall.
Put one of the ladders up by the entrance. Some of the wrestlers will keep leaving the ring to get the ladder, keeping their numbers towards your favor.

Hints: GM mode: Easy Rratings:
Create a superstar. Duplicate him thirty times. Start GM mode. Turn off every superstar and only leave on the created superstar. The other two brands will be left with the CAW at 20 popularity. Turn on the superstars again in available draft the next week. When they become available, sign them. You will win the ratings easily.
Send your superstars on trophy dates until their popularity reaches 100. Once it does it usually stays there and will only come down a point or two. When all your superstars are at 100 you can just maintain the ones at 99, 98, etc. This will give you easy four star match ratings. Have as many rivalries as you can, and a few weeks in you will get five star match ratings.

Hints: GM mode: Get the Triple Threat Tag Team Match to be a Title Match:
This trick will only work if the Tag Team championship is vacant and you are playing RAW or SmackDown!. Do this if you want to make the Hardcore Triple Threat tag team match into a title match. When you are at the GM desk, select the CPU and go into 'Options'. Then, select 'Play Options' and turn 'Title' off. Doing this will allow you to strip any champion of their belt or belts, therefore making the title vacant and you can choose a new holder. Strip the Tag Team champions of their belts. Then, put them in the Hardcore Triple Threat Tag match against any other two teams of your choice and make it for the Tag Team Championship. Next, go back and put the belts back on the superstars you just stripped the belts from and turn 'Title' back on. The match will now be a Tag Team match and the champions will actually be entering with their belts on.

Hints: Unlock Preset Entrances:
Legend 1 - Sgt. Slaughter
Legend 2 - Jim Neidhart
Superstar 1 - Kurt Angle
Superstar 2 - Chris jericho
Superstar 3 - Booker T
Superstar 4 - Big Show
Superstar 5 - Lance Cade
Superstar 6 - Trevor Murdoch
Superstar 7 - Hardcore Holly
Superstar 8 - Joey Mercury
Superstar 9 - Tazz
Superstar 10 - RVD
Superstar 11 - Sting
Superstar 12 - Dusty Rhodes
Superstar 13 - Boogeyman
Superstar 14 - Paul London
Superstar 15 - Brian Kendrick

Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Additionally, there are ten secret tasks:

Better Luck Next Year [10] - Be the first Superstar eliminated in a 30-Man Royal Rumble.
Send'em Back To Louisville [10] - Lose to an opponent who has more limb damage than you.
On The Job [10] - Lose 5 consecutive ranked online matches.
What The... [10] - Preview the Mexican Stretch Turnbuckle move in Create a Moveset.
You've Got Guts [20] - Complete a ranked online title match.
This Is Coming Out Of Your Check [20] - Break 15 tables and 10 chairs in a TLC match.
Rope A Dope [20] - Perform a succesful springboard attack off each side of the ropes.
Escape Artist [20] - Wiggle free from every Ultimate Control Grapple at least once.
Now Offering Non-Stop Flights [20] - Stand on a ladder and suplex your opponent out of the ring in a ladder match.
This Year's Inductee [350] - Play as a GM in 24/7 Mode and obtain the GM of the Year Award.

Hints: Easy Money:
Choose a superstar that is overall better than 90 in attributes [your choice]. Start 24/7 mode and simulate the entire year by going all the way to March on the calendar. Select the 'Wrestlemania' icon. You will be asked if you want to simulate everything until this point. Accept it and answer 'Yes'.
Select a superstar that has high popularity and attribute points [for example, HHH or Cena]. Start 24/7 Season mode under the Legend difficulty setting. When you get to the locker room, select the calendar and go down until Wrestlemania. Choose 'Yes I would like to simulate the days' and wait. This will take some time. Participate in your Wrestlemania match and look at your money. It should be in the high thousands, if not millions. Do this two or three times and you will have enough money for everything you need from the shop.

Hints: Unlocking Vince McMahon Easily:
Choose to play as a GM in 24/7 mode. Choose a pre-set roster, and set your champions. Go forward a couple of weeks into the calendar, and simulate matches up until that date. Renew the contracts of a few of your superstars for as long as is possible [make sure you include your champions]. Go to the calendar, select a date just before the contracts expire, and choose to simulate up until this point. You will have made enough to renew the contracts again. Repeat the same procedure until you get to WrestleMania. You should get there with a couple of decent superstars to compete in a championship match. Put the championship on the line, and fight the match to unlock Vince McMahon.

Hints: Unlock Arenas:
No Way Out Arena - Get 5 points in Hall of Fame Mode
Vengeance Arena - Get 6 points in Hall of Fame Mode
ECW One Night Stand Arena - Get 7 points in Hall of Fame Mode

Hints: Easy $1,000,000 Contract:
When you start WWE 24/7 mode, go on trophy dates as much as possible. This is the quickest and easiest way to earn popularity. Your salary is based on how popular you are. Get your popularity at 100 [or close to it] when your contract expires. The next week you will get your salary notification. Teddy Long or Coach will tell you that you now have a $1 million salary [$20,000 per week].

Hints: Invisible Ladder:
Grab a ladder and put it in the ring. Set it up on the turnbuckle so that it lays across it. Grab your opponent and throw them into it. Run after them and tap A while they are bouncing on it. Your wrestler will remove the ladder, leaving your opponent looking as if they are still on it. Hit them with the ladder to complete the glitch. If you do not hit them with the ladder, they can get out of it. After you hit them with the ladder the only way it can be undone is if someone grabs them. This move also works on Xbox Live also, and is perfect for Ladder matches.

Hints: Unlock Legends:
Go into 24/7 Mode, select Laptop, then WWE Shop. There you can buy the following legends:

Ravishing Rick Rude - $210,000.
Rowdy Roddy Piper - $210,000.
Sabu - $210,000
Stone Cold Steve Austin - $210,000 [Go into the Hall of Fame and select Stone Cold. After defeating him in a Submission Match using Bret Hart, you can buy him in the WWE Shop].
Bret Hart - $210,000 [Defeat Bret Hart in the Hall of Fame direct challenge mode. Afterwards, buy him in the WWE Shop].
Mick Foley - $210,000 [Defeat Mick Foley in the Hall of Fame direct challenge mode. Afterwards, buy him in the WWE Shop].
Terry Funk - $210,000 [Defeat Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and Sandman in an ECW Extreme Rules 4-way match using any superstar on 'Legend' Difficulty].
The Rock - $210,000 [Defeat The Rock as Stone Cold in 'Legend' Difficulty]

Hints: GM mode: Easy Money:
Run advertisement promos each week, along with your superstars being at 100 popularity. Once you have won over 10 million fans, you should make over $1 million per show.

Hints: Glitch: Double Undertaker:
When playing as the Undertaker, Kane will appear in the ring during an intermission sequence on RAW. All of his mannerisms will be just like the Undertaker's, and in other scenes even the lights will be like the Undertaker's. Finally, when you go to the WWE Magazine option, it will talk about how the Undertaker is not willing to back down from the Undertaker, and it will continually refer to yourself as fighting yourself.

Hints: Hall Of Fame Mode: Easy Wins:
Set your difficulty to 'Legend' and set your custom AI settings so the CPU never reverses strikes, grapples, etc. When you do Hall Of Fame mode it will still be easy to defeat the CPU.

Hints: 24/7 mode: Easy Wins:
Use either a created wrestler or an original superstar. Make sure you have two controllers. Select your match in 24/7 mode and choose your opponent. Do not select your wrestler. When the match starts, if it is just normal rules grab a weapon and hit your wrestler for the DQ, or you can simply get counted out. This results in an easy victory for the character you selected. In a Fatal 4 Way match, put both players one and two on any two goons. Focus on the single CPU wrestler and help your character to an easy win. This will work under any difficulty setting. Basically switch the CPU opponent to your control and cause him to lose.

Hints: Unlock Shop Bonuses:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the appropriate item or superstar for purchase at the store for the listed price:

Bret Hart - Defeat Bret Hart in Hall Of Fame Direct Challenge mode as Shawn Michaels [$210,000].
Hardcore Championship - Become a Hall of Famer [$20,000].
HBK DX Entrance - Buy the DX outfits [$30,000].
HBK DX Outfit - Already available for purchase [$60,000].
HHH DX Entrance - Buy the DX outfits [$30,000].
HHH DX Outfit - Already available for purchase [$60,000].
JBL - Already available for purchase [$110,000].
Mick Foley - Defeat Mick Foley in Hall Of Fame Direct Challenge mode as The Undertaker [$210,000].
Million Dollar Championship - Become a Hall of Famer [$20,000].
Move Set 1 - Already available for purchase [$15,000].
Move Set 2 - Already available for purchase [$15,000].
Move Set 3 - Already available for purchase [$15,000].
Preset Move Set - Buy all move sets [$15,000].
Rick Rude - Already available for purchase [$210,000].
Roddy Piper - Already available for purchase [$210,000].
Sabu - Already available for purchase [$210,000].
Shane McMahon - Already available for purchase [$60,000].
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin - Defeat Stone Cold in the Hall Of Fame Challenge mode as Bret Hart [$210,000].
Terry Funk - Defeat Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, and Sandman in an ECW Extreme Rules 4-way match under the 'Legend' difficulty setting [$210,000].
The Rock - Defeat The Rock as 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin under the 'Legend' difficulty setting [$210,000 ].
Vince McMahon [Bald] - Buy the original Vince McMahon [$60,000].
Vince McMahon - Defeat a champion or retain a title [$110,000].
WCW Classic Championship - Become be a Hall of Famer [$20,000].
WWF Attitude Era Championship - Become be a Hall of Famer [$20,000].

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