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BlopWreckateer Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete the following tasks to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

What Challenge? [5] - Gathered 8 Shot and Action Icons on the first Challenge Map.
Quick Study [5] - Earned your first medal.
Good Start [5] - Earned at least a Bronze Medal on 20 levels.
Punctual [5] - Got a Perfect Timing Bonus Icon.
I Want Them All [5] - Got an Icon Gatheror Bonus Icon.
Hit The Weak Spot [5] - Got a Massive Damage Bonus Icon.
Red Baron [10] - Got Low Power, Daredevil, and Dive Bomber Bonus Icons with a single shot.
Surprise [10] - Got Perfect Timing and Terrifying Bonus Icons with a single shot.
Stay On Target [10] - Got 10 Daredevil Icons with a single Flying Shot.
Split Decision [10] - Gathered 5 Shot Icons in a single shot with the Split Shot.
Ghostride the Whip [10] - Took the Hot Goblin for a ride 30 times.
Crack Shot! [10] - Earned 5 Bonus Icons in a single shot.
Buzz The Tower [10] - Got a Daredevil Bonus Icon with a Flying Shot.
Building an Army [10] - You've enlisted to help fight the good fight..
Actual Historical Shot [10] - Got Massive Damage, Earned A Mulligan, and Bank Shot Bonus Icons with a single shot.
Once More With Feeling [10] - Used 50 Mulligans.
Oh, you got tricks? [10] - You have earned every Bonus Icon.
Keep Rolling [10] - Earned at least a Bronze Medal on 40 levels.
Insult To Injury [10] - Gathered any Shot Icon and an In The Face Bonus Icon with a single shot.
Will Wreck for Food And Gold [15] - Earned Gold Medals in 20 Levels.
Respectable [15] - Earned at least a Silver Medal on 40 levels.
Flying High [15] - Gathered 10 Shot Icons in a single shot with the Flying Shot.
Bosslike [15] - Earned at least a Silver Medal on all Challenge Maps.
'Splosion Shot [15] - Got a 125,000 point shot by Activating the Bomb Shot.
Sir Wrecks-a-lot [20] - Earned Gold Medals in 40 Levels.
Green is Good [20] - You got to 1,000 Goblins destroyed in the Goblins Leaderboard.
Wrecking With The Best [25] - Earned 25,000,000 total points.
Serious Earner [25] - Earned at least a Silver Medal on all Campaign Levels.
Master of Destruction [35] - arned Gold Medals in all Levels, including Challenges.
True Wreckateer [40] - Completed all Campaign Levels.

Additionally, there are five Mt. Adalmant Level Pack DLC tasks:

Who Needs Friends? [20] - Surpass a Rival after achieving a Gold Medal on a Region 11 level.
Dragon Slayer [20] - Destroy 5 Windmills in Region 11.
Super Combo [20] - Get the Terrifying, Mulligan, and Do Over! Bonus Icons in a single shot in Region 11.
Gold Miner [20] - Get Gold on all Region 11 levels.
Bank Loan [20] - Bank shot for a 150,000 point shot score in Region 11.

Additionally, there are five Callonburg Level Pack DLC tasks:

Mega Combo [20] - Get Low Power, Daredevil, Bank Shot, and Terrifying Bonus Icons in a single shot in Region 12.
The Frightening [20] - Make 30 Goblins cower before your might in Region 12.
Stunt Lifting! [20] - Gather 20 Daredevil Bonus Icons with the Lift Shot in Region 12.
Crack Shot 2.0 [20] - Get 7 or more Bonus Icons in a single shot in Region 12, no Flying or Lift Shots.
Gold Miner 2.0 [20] - Get Gold on all Region 12 levels.

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