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BlopVirtua Tennis 3 Cheats and Hints!
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How to Cheat:
Enter these cheats at Menu Selection screen. A sound will play if cheat is entered correctly:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right - Unlock all courts
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, L2, R2 - Unlock King & Duke
Left, Right, B, Left, Right, B, Up, Down - Unlock all gear
B, Left, B, Right, B, Up, B, Down - Test end sequence [win one match to win tournament]


Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each of the following tasks below to get the allotted gamerscore:

R&R [10] - Take a well deserved rest in the World Tour.
Custom Player Created [10] - Create your own Custom Player.
Custom Player - 1st Ranked Win [10] - Win a Ranked Match using an Custom Player on Xbox Live.
Rank #200 World Tour [10] - Rank #200 in the World Tour.
Training Games Cleared [10] - Clear each type of mini-game in the World Tour.
World Tour Tournament [10] - Win your first tournament in the World Tour.
World Tour Match [10] - Win your first match in the World Tour.
VT.TV Viewers [10] - Watch a match on VT.TV.
25 Conversations [10] - Make friends and chat to 25 pro players in the World Tour.
Academy Missions Cleared [10] - Clear each type of academy training session in the World Tour.
1st Xbox Live Play [10] - Play any game mode on Xbox Live.
130mph / 209kmh serve [20] - Hit a serve over 130 mph.
Rank #100 World Tour [20] - Rank #100 in the World Tour.
Looking Good [20] - Unlock 1 of each type of gear.
25 Court Games Played [20] - Play and complete 25 Court Games.
Finish All Male Pro Players [20] - Finish all Male Pro Players on default settings.
100 Grass Court Games [20] - 100 grass court plays.
Ham and Eggs [20] - Get a Turkey in Pin Crusher in World Tour on level 4 or above.
Won Ranked Match Player Rank +25 [20] - Finish a singles rival ranked 25 positions above you.
World Tour Season [20] - Complete Year 1 in the World Tour.
100 Artificial Court game [20] - 100 artificial court plays.
100 Clay Court Games [20] - 100 clay court plays.
Won Using All Male Pro Players [20] - Win a match with all Male Pro Players on default settings.
Won Ranked Team Rank +25 [20] - Finish a doubles team ranked 25 positions above you.
Won Using All Female Pro Players [20] - Win a match with all Female Pro Players on default settings.
Finish All Female Pro Players [20] - Finish all Female Pro Players on default settings.
1st Custom Player Win [20] - Win a match with an Custom Player on default settings.
250 Running Shot Points [20] - 250 running shot points won.
500 MAX Serves [20] - Achieve 500 Max Serves.
50 Ranked Wins [20] - Win 50 Ranked Matches on Xbox Live.
40 Consecutive Rallies [20] - Achieve 40 Consecutive Rallies.
5 Consecutive MAX Served [20] - Achieve 5 Consecutive MAX Serves.
250 Lob Points [20] - 250 lob points won.
500 Smash Points [20] - 500 smash points won.
500 Volley Points [20] - 500 volley points won.
10 Co-Op Doubles Ranked Wins [20] - Win 10 co-op doubles Ranked Matches on Xbox Live.
50 Player lobbies visited [20] - Visit 50 Player Match lobbies on Xbox Live.
500 Stroke Points [20] - 500 stroke points won.
250 Drop Shot Points [20] - 250 drop shot points won.
5 Consecutive Ranked Wins [30] - Win 5 Ranked Matches in a row on Xbox Live.
25 Love Games [30] - Achieve 25 Love Games.
10Km Running Distance [30] - Run a total of 10Km.
Play 10 hours court time [30] - Play for 10 hours on tennis courts.
Level 6 Training Game Cleared [30] - Clear a level 6 mini-game in the World Tour.
Gold in all Academy [30] - Clear all the academy mission with gold medals.
Rank #1 World Tour [30] - Rank #1 in the World Tour.
All Stages Unlocked [30] - Unlock every stage in the game.
Unlocked Duke [30] - Unlock secret player Duke.
1000 Plays [30] - Play the game 1000 times in any mode.
Unlocked King [30] - Unlock secret player King.

Hints: Unlock the Frying Pan as a racket:
Simply select the Pin Crusher mini game on your world tour, and get 3 strikes in a row to unlock the Frying Pan to use as a racket.

Hints: Tambourine racket:
Make a total of 100 lob shots.

Hints: Quick Volley skill increase:
In Career mode, play the 'Defend The Prize' mini-game repeatedly. Choose one prize and stand in front of it [ignore the others]. Simply defend that one prize. You will easily win the mini-game every time and be able to increase your Volley skill as quickly as desired.

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