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BlopTNA iMPACT! Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Unlock Arenas:
Armoury arena - Defeat James Storm in Story mode.
England Arena - Accumalate 420,000 Style Points.
Japanese arena - Defeat the Motor City Machine Guns in Story mode.
Freedom Center arena - Become the X Division Champion in Story mode.
Mexican arena - Win the Mexican Gauntlet Match in Story mode.
Vegas arena - Defeat Kurt Angle in Story mode.

Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Jobber Nation [0] - Lose 5 matches on Xbox LIVE in one sitting.
Return of The Icon [5] - Play as Sting.
On Top of the World [5] - Create a player in Story mode [Chapter 1].
King of the Gauntlet [10] - Win the Gauntlet Match in Story mode [Chapter 2].
Welcome to America [10] - Defeat James Storm in Story mode [Chapter 2].
Lucha Libre! [10] - Win the Mexican Gauntlet Match in Story mode [Chapter 1].
Send'em Home Happy [15] - Perform a signature move to excite the crowd.
Welcome to TNA! [15] - Defeat Robert Roode in Story mode [Chapter 3].
X Marks the Spot [15] - Win an Ultimate X match.
Climbing the Ladder [15] - Win two Tag Team matches in Story mode [Chapter 4].
5150 [20] - Finish LAX in Story mode [Chapter 4].
He's on Fire!! [20] - Create an all flame clothing theme.
Don't Fire Eric [20] - Defeat Robert Roode with Eric Young.
Planet Jarrett [20] - Play against a real life TNA wrestler or someone who has.
It's About No Limits [20] - Win three X Division matches in Story mode [Chapter 5].
World Wide Wrestler [25] - Play 25 ranked matches on Xbox LIVE.
Mid-Card Contender [25] - Win 25 matches in any mode.
He's Not Phenomenal [25] - Defeat AJ Styles in Story mode [Chapter 5].
Detroit's Finest [25] - Win a Tag Team match using Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.
Underdog Wins [30] - Defeat someone of TNA Champion status on any Leaderboard.
This Is Awesome! [30] - Become the X Division Champion in Story mode [Chapter 5].
A Heavyweight Price [35] - Win your first Heavyweight match in Story mode [Chapter 6].
Highspot Risktaker [40] - Perform 50 aerial moves successfully.
The Bigger They Are... [45] - Defeat Kevin Nash in Story mode [Chapter 6].
Shark in the Water [50] - Defeat every wrestler on the roster with Shark Boy.
Start Your Own Streak [55] - Defeat Samoa Joe in Story mode [Chapter 6].
It's Damn Real! [75] - Defeat Kurt Angle in Story mode [Chapter 6].
The New King of TNA [100] - Defeat Jeff Jarrett in Story mode [Chapter 6].
Best of the Best [100] - Achieve TNA Champion status on any Leaderboard.

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