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BlopThings on Wheels Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

ToW Go [5] - Finish any race, any place, any rule. Yep, pretty much a given achievement.
ToW Gether [10] - Play a co-op race with a human player online or split screen.
ToW Day [10] - Read the last page of the blog.
ToW Tunes [15] - Run into the jukebox to turn it on in 'Get first or die trying'.
ToW for life [15] - Complete 50 races lifetime.
ToW fall [15] - Race 'Shake your body', drive in the bidet and finish the race.
ToW Champ [15] - You must win the last race of the Citrus Cup.
Mad Crash [15] - Find the Mad Tracks car in 'World of Wheels' and ram it.
ToW off [20] - Rank in the top 10 of any 'against the clock' leaderboard.
ToW Less [20] - Win race 'RosWheel' without picking up any bonus.
ToW Hero [20] - Race 'Wheel master' [3 laps] and win against 5 hard AI 4 times consecutively. Race rule.
ToW Star [40] - Finish 58 seconds on one single lap of 'Gran ToWrismo'. Solo race rules.

Additionally, there is one DLC #1 achievement:

ToW Night [20] - Win 'RC master' race with the Red lantern rule and 7 A.I.

Additionally, there is one Cars achievement:

ToW Away [10] - Complete any race with 'Cold Sweat'.

Additionally, there is one RooAR achievement:

ToW Tally [20] - Complete 'Sprint time' in Endurance mode for a minimum of 15 minutes.

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