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BlopThe King of Fighters XIII Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Unlock Story Modes/Videos/Themes:
Hero Story - Outsider Story cutscene SummerSlam.
Mr. McMahon Entrance Video and Music - Hero Story cutscene Steel Cage match.
Outsider Story - Villain Story scene WrestleMania.
Jacob Cass Entrance Video and Music - Hero Story Scene 2-1 after you walk down the ramp the first time as Jacob Cass.
King of Kings theme - Outsider Story Cutscene SummerSlam.
Undertaker Entrance - Win match with Undertaker in the WrestleMania arena in Universe Mode.
United Kingdom Entrance Video and Theme - Villain Story Scene TLC.

Hints: Unlock 'Chibi Icons' for Online Profile:
Clear all of the 10 stages of Time Attack with a Character to unlock that Character 'Chibi Icon' to use in the online profile.

Hints: Unlock colors:
Every ten times you select a character, another row of colors becomes available in color edit mode.

Hints: Unlock Wrestlers:
Here's how to unlock the following wrestlers in WWE Universe and Road to Wrestlemania.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin [WWE Universe] - Defend WWE Championship using the champion.
Arn Anderson [Road to Wrestlemania] - Villain cutscene @ Royal Rumble.
Booker T [Road to Wrestlemania] - Hero cutscene 8-1, Booker's appearence in Jacob Cass' match with Husky Harris.
Brock Lesnar [WWE Universe] - win a one on one match.
Demolition [WWE Universe] - Win the Undisputed Tag Team Championship.
Eddie Guerrero [Road to Wrestlemania] - Hero cutscene 7-1, after your match with Rey Mysterio as Eddie Guerrero.
Edge [Road to Wrestlemania] - Villain cutscene Battle Royal.
Goldust [WWE Universe] - Win a match with Cody Rhodes.
Kevin Nash [Road to Wrestlemania] - Outsider cutscene 5-2 after the cutscene where Nash jumps Triple H in the locker room.
Michelle McCool [WWE Universe] - Win Divas Championship.
Ricky Steamboat [Road to Wrestlemania] - Hero cutscene @ Royal Rumble.
Road Warriors - Road to Wrestlemania Hero cutscene, 10-1 after Animal apperance in Jacob Cass' match with Kofi Kingston.
Vader [Road to Wrestlemania] - Hero cutscene 6-2, after the match with Tyson kid, you face and beat Vader.
Vince McMahon [Road to Wrestlemania] - Hero cut scene Steel cage Match.

Hints: Unlock Alternate Attires:
Have the WWE Superstars make an entrance in style if the following conditions are met [NOTE 1: Unless otherwise stated, these MUST be done in WWE Universe Mode. NOTE 2: John Cena's attires must be done at two different WrestleManias.]

DASHING Cody Rhodes - Villain Story scene 4-1 after you match with Rhodes as Sheamus.
John Cena Entrance Attire - Villain Story scene 1-4 after you defeat Cena on the stage as Sheamus.
John Cena Purple Attire - Go into a WrestleMania match featuring John Cena as one of the competitors. It should be his entrance attire. [See Note 2 above].
John Cena with T Shirt - Go into a WrestleMania match featuring John Cena as one of the competitors. It should be his entrance attire. [See Note 2 above].
Kevin Nash with suit - Hero story cutscene 14-1 after Nash slams Jacob Cass and Rey Mysterio after their tag team match with Big Show and Cody Rhodes.
Arn Anderson civilian attire - Hero Story scene 5-1 after Kevin Nash introduces Arn Anderson.
Drew McIntyre with Suit - Villain Story 13-2 after you weaken John Cena in the ring as Sheamus.
Edge Entrance Attire - Villain Story 15-2 after you defeat Arn Anderson in the ring.
HHH Street Attire - Outsider Story cutscene WrestleMania.
Hooded Undertaker Entrance Attire - Go into a WrestleMania match featuring Undertaker as one of the competitors. It should be his entrance attire.
Sheamus with Suit - Villain Story 18-1 after you finish off HHH in the ring as Sheamus.
Sheamus with T-Shirt - Villain Story scene 5-4 after your tag team match as William Regal, Drew McIntyre, and Sheamus.
Mr. McMahon with Suit - Hero Story cutscene Steel Cage.
Randy Orton without Beard - Go into a WrestleMania match featuring Randy Orton as one of the competitors. It should be his model during his entrance AND his match.
The Miz Entrance Attire - Villain Story Scene 2-1 after The Miz comes out on stage with Wade Barrett.
The Miz with Suit - Outsider story scene 10-1 after the Miz announces he is the new General Manager.
Wade Barrett with Suit - Villain Story 19-2 after your backstage brawl with Wade Barrett.
William Regal with Suit - Villain Story 8-5 after United Kingdom wins Survivor Series.

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