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BlopSuperstars V8 Racing Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Fail! [0] - Complete a race having your car completely destroyed.
Girl Power [5] - Win a race using Maria De Villota.
Race of Good Hope [5] - Win a race on Kyalami with Francesco Ascani.
The first stage of the podium [5] - Win your first race.
The first of a long series [5] - Complete one of the challenges of the Superstars? Licenses Mode.
It's raining cats and...Jaguars? [5] - Win a race on Magione with wet weather using one of the Ferlito Motors Jaguars.
Superstars? for Physics [5] - Enter at least once in the Car Settings page.
Flying Carpet [5] - Unlock the car carpet in the pit.
Mister Tester [5] - Complete 15 laps in Training Mode with the same driver.
Weekend Dominator [5] - Win a race in Weekend Mode.
All roads lead to Rome [5] - Win a race on Vallelunga Track.
Slalom Champion [5] - Pass the 'Chicane' challenge in the Superstars? Licenses Mode.
The sunny side of the street [5] - Win a race on Valencia on sunny weather using the SSantucci Motorsport Mustard.
The roar of the Jaguar [5] - Win a race using one of the Jaguars of the Ferlito Motors Team.
A present for you! [5] - Unlock a prize.
The rainy side of the street [5] - Win a race with wet weather in any game mode.
Smells like burnt rubber [10] - Win a race performing at least 10 seconds of powerskids.
The prince of chronometer [10] - Finish at least 4 different track records in Training Mode with the same driver.
Unrivaled [10] - Win a race with a 15 seconds gap or more from the second place.
The Mascot [10] - Unlock Secret Trophie.
Speed Temple [10] - Win a race on Monza at Legend difficulty level.
On-Line chequered flag [10] - Win an on-line race.
Komodo Dragon [10] - Win a race in Varano at Hard or Legend difficulty level.
I like simulation [10] - Win a race in simulation mode at Legend difficulty level.
Gear Power [10] - Win a race using manual transmission.
International Series [15] - Win the race of Vallelunga, Mugello, Monza and Valencia during the same championship.
The king of hourglass [15] - Finish at least 8 different track records in Training Mode with the same driver.
Car addicted [15] - Drive for at least 100 Km in Single Player mode with the same team.
On-Line Champion [20] - Win 5 on-line races.
Superstars? Veteran [20] - Win at least 10 races.
The driver more than the car [25] - Win at least a race with every team in the game.
Mr. Pole Position [25] - Achieve at least 8 pole positions in the same championship.
I'm in love with my car [25] - Drive for at least 200 Km in Single Player mode with the same team.
Owned! [25] - Complete all the Duels challenges.
A new danger on the track [25] - Complete all the Special Trials challenges.
The Final Countdown [25] - Complete all the Countdown challenges.
Ave Cesari [25] - Win 5 races on Vallelunga with Mauro Cesari.
Not a comedy [25] - Complete all the Race Scenarios challenges.
No more space on the shelf [25] - Unlock all the Championship and Track Cups.
On-Line Legend [30] - Win 10 on-line races.
Superstars? Record Man [30] - Win at least 20 races.
Pull me out if you can [35] - Drive for at least 400 Km in Single Player mode with the same team.
Audi famam illius [50] - Win a Championship with Gianni Morbidelli and his Audi car.
Brand New Champion [50] - Win your first Superstars? Championship.
BMWinner [50] - Win a Championship with CAAL Racing team at least at Medium difficulty.
Thanks from the Designer [50] - Complete all the challenges at Platinum level.
Interior Decorator [50] - Unlock all the objects in the Pit.
The first will be the latest [50] - Win a Championship with Francesco Ascani, the first Superstars? Champion.
Super G [60] - Win a Championship with Kristian Ghedina at least at Hard difficulty level.
The best around [70] - Win a Championship at Legend difficulty level.

Hints: Unlock Race Pictures:
Race Picture 01 - Win 2 races with Audi Sport Italia Team.
Race Picture 02 - Win 2 races with CAAL Racing Team.
Race Picture 03 - Win 2 races with Farlito Racing Team.
Race Picture 04 - Win 2 races with GASS Racing Team.
Race Picture 05 - Win 2 races with Habitat Racing Team.
Race Picture 06 - Win 2 races with Lenza Motorsports Team.
Race Picture 07 - Win 2 races with Maurer Motorsports Team.
Race Picture 08 - Win 2 races with Racing4You Team.
Race Picture 09 - Win 2 races with Roal Motorsports Team.
Race Picture 10 - Win 2 races with SSantucci Mortorsports Team.
Race Picture 11 - Win 2 races with Speedster Team.

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