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BlopStoked Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Methodology [10] - Complete all of Wolle Nyvelt's tutorials.
Nature Lover [10] - Capture 10 photographs of nature.
You're Sponsored! [20] - Earn a sponsorship.
Amateur Photographer [20] - Take 10 photographs of other riders on Xbox LIVE.
South American Tourist [30] - Find the Summit Cross and sign the guestbook on Almirante Nieto.
The Bandit [30] - You 'Owned' a Brand Battleground, stealing ownership from another rider on Xbox LIVE.
You've Become a Legend [30] - Win all 5 Events and hit a fame ranking of 1400.
Seasoned Veteran Photographer [30] - Take 25 photographs of other riders on Xbox LIVE.
European Tourist [30] - Find the Summit Cross and sign the guestbook on Diablerets.
Underdog [50] - Take the lead in an Event on Xbox LIVE.
Turn of the Tide [50] - 'Own' a Brand Battleground and help your sponsor subsequently seize control of the mountain.
You're a Professional Rider [50] - Hit a fame ranking of 186.
You've Become a Phenomenon [50] - Win all 5 Events and hit a fame ranking of 1800.
Asthetiker Event Winner [50] - Win Wangle Tangle on Almirante Nieto.
Tour Guide [50] - Earn a pilot license for each mountain.
Huck Magazine Event Winner [50] - Win Air Party on Mt. Fuji.
Absinthe Event Winner [50] - Win Elements of Style on Diablerets.
Snowboard Magazine Event Winner [50] - Win Shred Fest on Mt. Shuksan.
Method Event Winner [50] - Win Highway to Hell in Alaska.
Professional Photographer [50] - Take 60 single photographs / all-in-ones and 20 environmental photographs.
Stomped It! [50] - Score 500,000 points in a single run.
Rider of the Year [100] - Finish Wolle, Annie, Travis, Tadashi, Nicolas and win 2 of the Events.

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