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BlopStar Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats and Hints!
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How to Cheat:
Enter one of the following codes at the 'Options'->'Enter Code' menu to activate the appropriate cheat:

SPEEDER - 1,000,000 Force Points.
VERGENCE - Infinite Force powers.
COUNTDOOKU - All combos maxed.
KATARN - All Force Powers Unlocked and Maxed.
LIGHTSABER - Amplified Damage.
CORTOSIS - Grants the Apprentice invincibility.
EXARKUN - Maximum Force Push [this code disables saves and may block some unlockables!]
MANDALORE - Unlock General Rahm Kota.
LEGION - Unlock 501st Legion Clone Trooper.
SECURA - Unlock Aalya Secura.
AAYLA - Unlock Aalya Secura.
ITSATWAP - Unlock Admiral Ackbar.
GRANDMOFF - Unlock ALL costumes.
TYRANUS - Unlock all Force powers.
CHOSENONE - Unlock Anakin Skywalker.
ACOLYTE - Unlock Asajj Ventress.
NOTIMO - Unlock Chop'aa Notimo.
TK421 - Unlock Classic Stormtrooper.
SERENNO - Unlock Count Dooku.
PAUAN - Unlock Darth Desolus.
ZABRAK - Unlock Darth Maul.
HIDDENFEAR - Unlock Darth Phobos.
SITHLORD - Unlock Darth Vader.
DREXLROOSH - Unlock Drexl Roosh.
CORTOSIS - Unlock God mode.
SHOCKTROOP - Unlock Heavy Trooper.
ECLIPSE - Unlock Juno Eclipse.
KLEEF - Unlock Kleef.
SCOUNDREL - Unlock Lando Calrissian.
T16WOMPRAT - Unlock Luke Skywalker.
YELLOWJACKT - Unlock Luke Skywalker [Yavin].
JEDIMASTER - Unlock Mace Windu.
MARAJADE - Unlock Mara Jade.
MARISBROOD - Unlock Maris Brood.
STORMTROOP - Unlock Navy Stormtrooper.
BENKENOBI - Unlock Obi-Wan Kenobi.
PALPATINE - Unlock Palpatine.
MAVERICK - Unlock Qui-Gon Jinn.
TOGRUTA - Unlock Shaak Ti.
INTHEDARK - Unlock Shadowtrooper DANTOOINE - Unlock Ceremonial Jedi Robes.
HOLOCRON - Unlock Jedi Adventure Robes.
WOOKIEE - Unlock Kento's Robes.
KORRIBAN - Unlock the Sith Stalker Armor.


Hints: Raxis Prime: Hidden X-Wing:
After you have electric bombed the initial entrance to the Hyperdrive Core three times, stand facing away from the entrance and walk to the right slightly. Look into the toxic waster sludge and you will automatically target something. Raise it up with Force Grip to see that it is an X-Wing.

Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each of the following tasks below to get the allotted gamerscore:

Additionally, there are twelve secret tasks.

Secret achievement [10] - Unknown.
Secret achievement [10] - Unknown.
Secret achievement [10] - Unknown.
Secret achievement [10] - Unknown.

Secret achievement [10] - Unknown.
Secret achievement [10] - Unknown.
Secret achievement [10] - Unknown.
Secret achievement [10] - Unknown.
Secret achievement [10] - Unknown.
Secret achievement [10] - Unknown.
Secret achievement [20] - Unknown.

Secret achievement [20] - Unknown.

Hints: Lightsaber Moves:
Block - Press LT.
Throw - Hold LT and hit A.
Lightsaber Lock - Press X repeatedly.

Hints: Lightning Grenade:
Grip an enemy, then shock them with Force Lightning. Then, Force Throw them at other enemies. The enemy will explode, killing all nearby foes with minimal Force Power consumed.

Hints: Lightsaber Crystal Locations:
TIE Construction Yard
Yellow crystal
Damage crystal

Raxxus Prime
Comhited red crystal
Gold crystal
Comhited yellow crystal
Firkrann power crystal

Unstable red crystal
Comhited gold crystal

Empirical Lab
Blue crystal
Lorrdian crystal

Cloud City
Unstable orange crystal
Ruusan power crystal
Unstable yellow crystal

Comhited blue crystal
Purple crystal

Imperial Felucia
Green crystal
Comhited purple crystal
Vexxtal crystal
Unstable blue crystal

Imperial Raxxus Prime
Sigil power crystal
Comhited green crystal
Unstable purple crystal

Death Star
Unstable green crystal
Katak power crystal
Black crystal

Hints: Unlock Sith Lord Difficulty:
Successfully complete the game.

Hints: Defeating Darth Vader:
For the first part of this battle, use Force Repulse or Force Shield with lightsaber attacks to take him down. When he runs into the room with hot red floors, pull an object off from the wall and hit him with it before he hits you. After he is hit, Force Dash over to where he is and get some easy attacks on him. Once he jumps on to the platform with you, use Force Repulse or Force Shield and perhaps some Force Lightning. Try to block as much as possible; if he hits you he will do quite a bit of damage. Once he is just about dead, hit X to start the button sequence. After a short intermission sequence you will have to battle him again, this time without his helmet. This battle is very easy. Just make sure you stay out of the air. He will try to use Force Grip on you if you are in the air and he is not stunned. Use Force Dash to get away from him and use Force Repulse to break his block. Get a couple hits in and he will not stand a chance. It will only take a few Force Repulses to take him out, even under the Sith Master difficulty setting. Do the button sequence to defeat him.

Hints: Unlock Sith Master Difficulty:
Complete the game once.

Hints: Force Moves:
Force Lightning - Press Y.
Force Push - Press B.
Force Grip - Press RT.
Move Gripped Object - Press Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick.
Impale Gripped Enemy - Hold RT and hit X.
Zap Gripped Enemy - Hold RT and hit Y.
Force Throw - Hold RT, move object towards target, then release.
Counter Force Grip - Press B repeatedly.
Force Lock - Press Y to match onscreen command.
Force Repulse - Hold RT and hit B.
Force Shield - Hold RT and hit Y.

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