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BlopSSX Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete the following tasks to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

That Was Easy [5] - Unlock all Game Modes.
Pass The Board Wax [5] - Make your first Board Purchase.
I Need A Boost [5] - Make your first Mod Purchase.
I Am A Ghost [5] - Upload your first personal ghost.
Grindage [5] - Grind your first rail [not achievable in Tutorial].
Gear Up! [5] - Make your first Gear Purchase.
I'm Flying! [5] - Deploy your wingsuit for the first time [not achievable in Tutorial].
I'm Alive! [5] - Rewind out of Death for the First Time [not achievable in Tutorial].
This Gear Is Bronze [10] - Gather all Bronze Gear Badges.
The Gold Standard [10] - Earn your 1st Gold in a Race Event [in Explore].
The Golden Trick It [10] - Earn your 1st Gold in a Trick Event [in Explore].
The Bronze Survival Guide [10] - Gather all Bronze Survive Badges.
The Bronze Finish [10] - Gather all Bronze Race Badges.
The Bronze Campaign [10] - Gather all Bronze World Tour Badges.
The Bronze Spender [10] - Gather all Bronze Global Events Badges.
The Bronze Miner [10] - Gather all Bronze Explore Badges.
The Bronze Badger [10] - Gather all Bronze Tricky Badges.
Team SSX [10] - Unlock every member of Team SSX through World Tour [or purchase in Explore or Global Events].
Tag Team [10] - Earn a Bronze in a Trick Event with every member of Team SSX [in Explore].
Pass The Baton [10] - Earn a Bronze in a Race Event with every member of Team SSX [in Explore].
Leave No One Behind [10] - Earn a Bronze in a Survive Event with every member of Team SSX [in Explore].
Peak-A-Boo [10] - Participate in a Global Event in every Peak.
I Ain't Afraid of Snow Ghost [10] - Finish a Friend's Rival Ghost in every Range [in Explore].
Heart Of Gold [10] - Earn your 1st Gold in a Survive Event [in Explore].
Around The World [10] - Ride with all three Pilots with each member of Team SSX.
Überlesscious [20] - Earn a Bronze Medal on a Trick Event in Explore without landing any Super Übers.
Who Needs Boost [20] - Earn a Bronze Medal on a Race Event in Explore without using any boost.
Tree Hugger [25] - Survive Trees Deadly Descent without equipping armor [in World Tour].
This Gear Is Silver [25] - Gather all Silver Gear Badges.
The Silver Miner [25] - Gather all Silver Explore Badges.
The Silver Finish [25] - Gather all Silver Race Badges.
The Silver Campaign [25] - Gather all Silver World Tour Badges.
The Silver Survival Guide [25] - Gather all Silver Survive Badges.
The Silver Spender [25] - Gather all Silver Global Events Badges.
The Silver Boarder [25] - Gather all Silver Tricky Badges.
The Apple Theory [25] - Survive Gravity Deadly Descent without equipping a wingsuit [in World Tour].
Rocky Road [25] - Survive Rock Deadly Descent without equipping armor [in World Tour].
Playing Favorites [25] - Reach level 10 with any character.
It's Cold Out Here [25] - Survive Cold Deadly Descent without equipping a solar panel [in World Tour].
Ice To See You [25] - Survive Ice Deadly Descent without equipping ice axes [in World Tour].
Do You See What I See [25] - Survive Darkness Deadly Descent without equipping a headlamp or pulse goggles [in World Tour].
Caution Low Visibility [25] - Survive Whiteout Deadly Descent without equipping pulse goggles [in World Tour].
Buried Alive [25] - Survive Avalanche Deadly Descent without equipping armor [in World Tour].
This Gear Is Golden [50] - Gather all Gold Gear Badges.
The Golden Tricker [50] - Gather all Gold Tricky Badges.
The Gold Spender [50] - Gather all Gold Global Events Badges.
The Gold Miner [50] - Gather all Gold Explore Badges.
The Golden Survival Guide [50] - Gather all Gold Survive Badges.
The Golden Campaign [50] - Gather all Gold World Tour Badges.
The Gold Finish [50] - Gather all Gold Race Badges.

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