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BlopSpider-Man: Web of Shadows Cheats and Hints!
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How to Cheat:
Enter the following codes to unlock the appropriate characters:

MASSIVEHORN - Unlock Rhino.
CRESTWARRIOR - Unlock Moon Knight.


Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Virtue [5] - First Red Suit Choice
Vice [5] - First Black Suit Choice
The Bigger They Come... [5] - Defeat First Tech Mech.
Super-ego [5] - Black Cat Spurned
Eviction [5] - Pull Tech Mech Pilot from his seat.
Encountered [5] - Parry then Counter Attack one enemy.
Bowling Ball [5] - Web Swing-Kick 5 Enemies in a single pass.
Over The Counter [10] - Parry then Counter Attack 100 enemies.
Great Power [10] - Thwart 25 City Crimes.
50 Hit Combo Spider Silk [10] - Execute 50 Hit Combo 'Spider Silk'.
Winged [15] - Vulture Defeated.
Wall Combo Skill [15] - Defeat 50 Enemies using only Wall Combos.
Id [15] - Spent some time with Black Cat. [Choose the Black Suit option after the Black Cat fight.]
Grounded [15] - Electro Defeated
Ground Combo Skill [15] - Defeat 50 Enemies using only Ground Combos.
First One Hundred [15] - Find 100 Gatheribles.
Excessive Spider-Man [15] - Complete Half of All Optional Goals.
Defeat Venom, Round One [15] - Defeated Venom once.
Declawed [15] - Wolverine Defeated
Bad Kitty [15] - Black Cat Defeated
Air Combo Skill [15] - Defeat 50 Enemies using only Air Combos.
Overkill [20] - Perform all three types of attacks [Ground, Air, Wall] on a single enemy 10 times.
Mary Jane and Spider-Man [20] - Mary Jane Conclusion achieved.
Hero [20] - Red Suit Conclusion earned.
Defeat Venom, Round Two [20] - Defeated Venom twice.
Defeat Symbiote Wolverine [20] - Symbiote Wolverine Defeated.
Defeat Symbiote Vulture [20] - Symbiote Vulture Defeated.
Defeat Symbiote Electro [20] - Symbiote Electro defeated.
Defeat Symbiote Black Cat [20] - Symbiote Black Cat defeated.
Defeat 100 Enemies [20] - Defeat 100 Enemies.
Black Cat and Spider-Man [20] - Black Cat Conclusion achieved.
Trampoline [25] - Web-Strike Bounce 20 Enemies in succession.
Obsessive Spider-Man [25] - Complete 60 Bonus Goals.
Heroic Accumulation [25] - Find Half of all Gatheribles.
Great Responsibility [25] - Thwart 100 City Crimes.
100 Hit Combo Ownership [25] - Execute 100 Hit Combo 'Ownership'.
Defeat 500 Enemies [35] - Defeat 500 Enemies.
Ultimate Spider-Man [50] - Purchase all Upgrades.
No Sweat [50] - 1000 Enemies defeated
Complete Story, Act Two [50] - Complete Act Two.
Complete Story, Act One [50] - Complete Act One.
250 Hit Combo Neighborly [50] - Execute 250 Hit Combo 'Neighborly'.
Max Out Spider-Man [75] - Max Out Spider-Man.
Complete Web of Shadows [75] - Complete Game.

Hints: Unlock Token Radar:
Gathering 1,000 spider tokens.

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