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BlopSkylanders: Spyro's Adventure Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete the following tasks to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Home Sweet Home [10] - Complete the Shattered Island level [primary profile].
Hello!! Skylander [10] - The first time you put your Skylander on the Portal of Power [primary profile].
Happy Hour [10] - Open any treasure chest [primary profile].
I love shopping [10] - The first time you purchase an upgrade for your Skylander [primary profile].
Inside Power [10] - Unlock any Elemental Gate [primary profile].
The First Battle [10] - Play and complete any PvP match: win or lose [primary profile].
Pure Water [10] - Complete the Leviathan Lagoon level and acquire the elemental source [primary profile].
Mother Earth [10] - Complete the Stone Town level and acquire the elemental source [primary profile].
Fresh Air [10] - Complete the Stormy Stronghold level and acquire the elemental source [primary profile].
Leviathan Dentist [10] - Get swallowed by the Leviathan 5 times in the Leviathan Lagoon level [primary profile].
Chompy Chopper [10] - Defeat 15 Chompies in the Shattered Island level [primary profile].
Fashion Stylist [10] - Have your Skylander equip a hat for the first time [primary profile].
No Rocket Fired! [20] - Never use any rocket in the Falling Forest level [primary profile].
Get me if you can! [20] - Complete Crystal Eye Castle without being hit by any of the rolling barrels [primary profile].
Perfect Technology [20] - Complete the Battlefield level and acquire the elemental source [primary profile].
Tag me if you can! [20] - Avoid being hit by the laser traps during the boss fight in Creepy Citadel [primary profile].
Undead Spirit [20] - Complete the Creepy Citadel level and acquire the elemental source [primary profile].
The Ace Pilot [20] - Defeat 30 enemies while riding the War Machine in the Arkeyan Armory level [primary profile].
Mine Detector [20] - Complete the Troll Warehouse level without getting injured by the landmines [primary profile].
Phew! That was close! [20] - In the Leviathan Lagoon level, dodge 30 sharks without being hit [primary profile].
New Challenger [20] - Complete your first challenge level [primary profile].
Dancing Fire [20] - Complete the Lava Lakes Railway level and acquire the elemental source [primary profile].
Dodge Ball [20] - In Falling Forest, beat Evil Ent while more than 5 of his seeds are on the field [primary profile].
Gotta buy them all [20] - Purchase all upgrades for any one Skylander [primary profile].
I love smashing! [20] - Destroy all of the rocks in the Molekin Mine level [primary profile].
Light of Life [20] - Complete the Falling Forest level and acquire the elemental source [primary profile].
Fashion Elite [40] - Gather 10 Hats [primary profile].
Call Me Fireman! [40] - Finish Kaos' Evil minions in Lava Lakes Railway with only Gill Grunt's Power Hose [primary profile].
Magic Time [40] - Complete the Arkeyan Armory level and acquire the elemental source [primary profile].
Can't stop me! [40] - Complete 3 Challenge levels [primary profile].
The Spiritual Mentor [40] - Gather 10 Soul Gems [primary profile].
Archaeologist [40] - Gather 10 Story Scrolls [primary profile].
Treasure-hunter [40] - Gather 10 Legendary Treasures [primary profile].
Star Chaser [60] - Get 3 stars in any one level [primary profile].
Climb to the Top [60] - Level up any one Skylander to level 10 [primary profile].
One for All! [60] - Defeat Kaos without swapping Skylanders during the battle [primary profile].
The Savior [60] - Complete the adventure mode by finishing the game [primary profile].
True Portal Master [80] - Unlock all other Achievements [primary profile].

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