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BlopRise of the Argonauts Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each of the following tasks below to get the allotted gamerscore:

Words of Compassion [10] - Make 5 Apollo-aligned dialogue choices.
Gratuitous Carnage [10] - Kill 15 enemies with dash attacks.
Sagacious Satyr [10] - Accept Pan's persuasive pact of partnership.
Nutcracker [10] - Shatter 30 enemy shields.
Words of Courage [10] - Make 5 Ares-aligned dialogue choices.
Words of Cunning [10] - Make 5 Hermes-aligned dialogue choices.
Awe-Inspiring Ally [10] - Reaffirm your friendship with Hercules.
Wrath of Olympus [10] - Call upon 10 God Powers.
Words of Wisdom [10] - Make 5 Athena-aligned dialogue choices.
Zephyrus, Wind Shear [15] - Complete the constellation Zephyrus, mastering Hermes' combat style.
Aquarius, Peerless Warrior [15] - Complete the constellation Aquarius, routing legions of Greece's finest warriors.
Leo, Savage Lion [15] - Complete the constellation Leo, proving your skill at basic combat.
Parthenos, Spear of Virtue [15] - Complete the constellation Parthenos, mastering Athena's combat style.
Eridanus, River Styx [15] - Complete the constellation Eridanus, slaying a host of the condemned.
Deimos, Fist of Ares [15] - Complete the constellation Deimos, mastering Ares' combat style.
Helios, Searing Brilliance [15] - Complete the constellation Helios, mastering Apollo's combat style.
Magic Missile [20] - Skewer 25 enemies with thrown spears.
Weaponmaster [20] - Gather every equipment piece.
Smashing Success [20] - Pulp 25 enemy heads.
Severance Package [20] - Decapitate 25 enemies.
Piercing Gaze [20] - Impale 25 enemies.
Virgo, Wisdom of Athena [25] - Complete the constellation Virgo, breaking the curse of Medusa.
Cepheus, Exalted King [25] - Complete the constellation Cepheus, setting out from Iolcus on your epic quest.
Bright-Eyed [25] - Earn maximum Favor with Athena.
Stout-Hearted [25] - Earn maximum Favor with Ares.
Human [25] - Complete the game on Human difficulty.
Ursa Major, Great Bear [25] - Complete the constellation Ursa Major, proving your total mastery of combat.
Silver-Tongued [25] - Earn maximum Favor with Hermes.
Sun-Blessed [25] - Earn maximum Favor with Apollo.
Argo Navis, the Argo [50] - Complete the constellation Argo Navis, finishing the voyage of the Argo.
Hero [50] - Complete the game on Hero difficulty.
Corona, Crown of Mastery [100] - Complete the constellation Corona Borealis, proving yourself the ultimate hero.
Legend [100] - Complete the game on Legend difficulty.

Additionally, there are sixteen secret tasks:

Sagacious Satyr [10] - Accept Pan's persuasive pact of partnership.
Awe-Inspiring Ally [10] - Reaffirm your friendship with Hercules.
Conceited Champion [10] - Forge an alliance with Achilles in the heat of battle.
Headstrong Huntress [10] - Invite Atalanta to fight at your side.
Heroic Patience [10] - Tolerate Bolo's singing.
Corvus, Eyes of Hecate [15] - Complete the constellation Corvus, decimating the Blacktongues of Hecate.
Centaurus, Honored Aleph [15] - Complete the constellation Centaurus, finishing every event on Saria.
Ara, Conduit of the Gods [15] - Complete the constellation Ara, finishing every event on Iolcus.
Secret achievement [15] - Unknown.
Libra, Scales of Justice [15] - Complete the constellation Libra, finishing every event on Kythra.
Virgo, Wisdom of Athena [25] - Complete the constellation Virgo, breaking the curse of Medusa.
Cepheus, Exalted King [25] - Complete the constellation Cepheus, setting out from Iolcus on your epic quest.
Auriga, Will of Ares [25] - Complete the constellation Auriga, reclaiming your honor in the Arena.
Sagittarius, Vision of Hermes [25] - Complete the constellation Sagittarius, exposing the traitor among the Nisyros.
Draco, Condemned Dragon [25] - Complete the constellation Draco, conquering the depths of Tartarus.
Secret achievement [25] - Unknown.

Hints: Defeating Achilles:
Defeat Achilles with the pre-selected spear by dodging to his side or back when he charges Jason and thrusting out once with the Lethal blow. If the hit spark is gold or yellow, the hit will be a dud, but occasionally you will score a bloody injury.

A second method is to block Achilles as he's incoming and then counter-attack twice with Wounding [weaker] blows. This process is just as long as the first; the champion of Hellas doesn't drop dead easily.

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