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BlopPerfect Dark Zero Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Mission 13: Dodging the final Boss' moves:
When the final Boss shoots plasma balls at you, simply move out of the way. When he teleports onto your platform and starts running at you with the sword, just dive roll out of the way immediately before he swings the sword. This will save you from receiving a lot of damage.

Hints: Easy weapons:
Once one player has gotten a weapon that another desires, go to Club:Stakeout on Agent. Drop that player's weapon to a second player. Have any one of those players continue through the level normally. If done correctly, the new player could have the weapons in less than three minutes. The faster way through the level is to run in the club after the first objective is complete unarmed, and rush to the very top to Jack Dark.

Hints: Glitch: Desert: See through wall:
At the Desert multi-player map, there is an area where you can take cover and see through the wall. In order to do this, you must have Bases 2 and 4 open. Go into the cave temple base. Once you go through the hall, go up the sand hill, and not the stairs. Go in the little courtyard from either entrance then turn left. There should be a bowl near the wall. Stand as close to the wall and as far in as you can into the wedge created. While standing, go into cover. If done correctly, you should be able to see through the wall. This is most effective during the Infection game type with the Plasma Rifle. Hide there and whenever you see a skeleton, use the secondary function [invisibility]. They will usually walk out because it is very difficult to see you.

Hints: Hidden rat locations:
Nightclub: Stakeout - Once you kill the first two guards, go to the main staircase. Look at the bottom of the fountain.
Rooftops: Escape - Once you get to the ammo bow with a DW-P5 inside of it opened, the rat is directly behind it in the shadows.
Laboratory: Rescue - On a testing machine directly next to the silver keycard.
Trinity: Infiltration - A sniper rifle is recommended. After you defeat the brothers, turn around and go to the left staircase. Once you are down there, zoom into the water and look for a submarine. Once you find it, look on the top, near the entrance hatch. Look to the left and the rat should be there.
Datacore: Demolition - ?
Subway: Retrieval - ?
Mansion: Infiltration - ?
Temple: Serveillance - ?
River: Extraction - ?
Trinity: Escape - ?
Jungle: Storm - ?
Outpost: Rescue - ?
Arena: Showdown - ?

Hints: Mission 7: Secret passage:
Before the mission, select the demolition kit from the weapons menu. During the mission, after you kill the two brothers go across the bridge towards the rocket. When you get to the rocket, take a left and go down that road. When you get to the end of the road, there should be two doors [one on the left and another on the right]. If you try to open them, they will say 'secured.' If you go on to a ramp that is on the right side of the left door, there will be a crack in the wall. Use the demolition kit to blow up the crack to get into the door.

Hints: Dark Agent mode:
Successfully complete the game in Perfect Agent mode.

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