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BlopMonopoly Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Taken A Chance [10] - Take your first property from another player using Chance in any mode of Richest.
Time To Gather [10] - Gather your first rent payment from any other player in any mode of Richest.
Rolled To Jail [10] - Roll three doubles in a row and get sent to jail.
Rolled To Freedom [10] - Rolled a double to get out of jail.
A Good Start [10] - Win your first mini-game in any mode of Richest.
High Roller [10] - Roll a double six.
Everybody Starts Somewhere [10] - Buy your first property.
Expensive To Stop Here [10] - Land on another player's set of hotels in any mode of Richest.
A Quick Victory [10] - Win a game of Developer mode Richest.
Went For Broke [10] - Bankrupted yourself out of the game for the first time.
Dashed Hopes [10] - Break up another player's Monopoly.
Try Something New [10] - Unlock your first new board.
Transport King [20] - Own the monopoly on the transport properties.
Now You're On Your Way [20] - Own your first monopoly.
You've Got The Power [20] - Own the monopoly on the utilities.
Sight Seer [20] - Unlock a passport. Awarded to the passport holder.
No Mercy [20] - Be responsible for the bankruptcy of another player.
Last But Not Least [20] - Win all the mini-games in a full game of Developer but don't finish first.
Faster Better [20] - Win a game of Industrialist mode Richest.
Forcibly Formed [20] - Form a monopoly in any mode of Richest by taking one or more of the properties from another player.
Deal Of The Century [20] - Form a monopoly as a result of trading.
Started Your Empire [30] - Build a set of houses in any mode of Richest.
Climbing Your Way Up The Ladder [30] - Build your first set of houses. Classic mode only.
Becoming The Master [40] - Win a game of Tycoon mode Richest.
Established Your Hold [50] - Build a set of hotels in any mode of Richest.
The View From The Top [50] - Build your first set of hotels. Classic mode only.
The First MONOPOLY [50] - Get the same amount of money as the year MONOPOLY was released.
Globe Trotter [50] - Land on every property on the World board.
He Who Controls The Dice... [50] - Win every mini-game in a full game of Developer.
The Underdog [50] - Don't finish first in any mini-game but still win overall in any mode of Richest.
From The Flames [50] - Come from last in the previous round to win overall in any mode of Richest.
Taking Sides [50] - Own every property, including any ports and utilities, down one whole side of the board.
Jet Setter [100] - Fill all the passports. Awarded to the passport holder.
You Are The Richest [100] - Own every property on the board in any mode of Richest.

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