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BlopMidnight Club: Los Angeles Cheats and Hints!
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Create a Race to Help Find All Gatheribles:
Enter the race editor, hit Start to enter layout mode [overhead view]. Simultaneously hit: L1, L2, L3, R1, R3, and A buttons The race editor will create a race with up to 30 checkpoints, each being on top of a collectible. Test the race to collect them all. Some might still be challenging to get, so take care! Return to the editor and do the code again once you're finished to collect any remaining collectibles. Enjoy the unlocked cheats!


Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Paparazzi [10] - Save 16 photos to your photo album.
Out On Bail [10] - Evade the police successfully when they are in pursuit.
Neither Bird nor Plane [10] - Travel 1020 feet in a single jump.
Mild Dedication [10] - In Goal Attack, complete every goal for one race.
Wanted Man [10] - Pull over while the police are in 'pull over' mode, then drive away during the ticketing cutscene.
Turn in the Work [10] - Submit a vehicle to Rate My Ride.
The Basics [10] - Complete one of the missions you receive in the mission log.
T-Mobile myFaves [10] - Join an online game with 5 of your friends. Stay Connected with MyFaves from T-Mobile.
Jordan Jumpman [10] - Spend more than 10 minutes in the air. Brought to you by JORDAN BRAND.
Getting Off the Bench [10] - Enter an online cruise and join a proposed race.
Who Made This? [10] - Enter a Race Editor Race online.
Where in the World? [10] - Find half of the collectables in Los Angeles.
Saving Los Angeles [10] - Enter the Race Editor, create a race, and then save it.
Zoning Out [20] - Unlock Level 3 ZONE.
Name that Tune [20] - Finish the Tuner Champ.
Just Get A Motorcycle [20] - In a car, drive a cumulative total of 50 miles on 2 wheels.
Unicycle [20] - Drive a cumulative total of 50 miles while doing a wheelie on a motorcycle.
Uncle Time [20] - Finish the first mission for each of the 4 time trials.
Streaker [20] - Win 5 races in a row offline.
Set To Stun [20] - Unlock Level 3 EMP.
In the Lap of... [20] - Finish the Luxury Champ.
Here for a Pickup [20] - Successfully deliver 15 vehicles out of the Hollywood garage.
Hear me Roar! [20] - Unlock Level 3 ROAR.
Go on Green [20] - Win 15 Red Light Races.
Everyone's a Critic [20] - Rate 25 rides online.
Destroyer of Worlds [20] - Successfully destroy 15 opponent vehicles using the Payback vehicle at the Beaches garage.
Crossing the Line [20] - Finish 50 races online.
Competitive Glory [20] - Win each of the 4 tournaments at least one time.
Anger Management [20] - Unlock Level 3 AGRO.
World's Strongest [20] - Finish the Muscle Champ.
Winning With Less [20] - Win 10 races on a motorcycle.
What's a Speed Limit? [20] - Win 15 dynamic freeway races.
Rags To Riches [30] - Have $1 million dollars in the bank while playing in Los Angeles.
Postman [30] - Deliver 100 flags in Capture the Flag or other battle matches.
Master Thief [30] - Steal 80 flags while playing Capture the Flag or other battle matches.
Two Wheels of Fury [30] - Finish the Motorcycle Champ.
The Winner [30] - Win 180 offline races.
It's How You Play The Game [30] - Finish 300 offline races. Winning is not required.
How Exotic [30] - Finish the Exotic Champ.
Have Car, Will Travel [30] - Drive a total of 5,000 miles, including any miles driven online or offline.
Father Time [30] - Completely unlock a time trial by completing all 3 missions.
Ranking Up [30] - Win 20 ranked matches online.
Waldo's Still Missing [40] - Find all the collectables in Los Angeles.
Retire the Master [50] - Finish the City Champ.
True Dedication [100] - All Goal attacks must be unlocked and every goal for every race completed.

Additionally, there are nine South Central tasks:

South Central Test Drive [10] - Win 10 races in an SUV.
Goin' South [10] - Meet the South Central Mechanic.
Sign Here [20] - Complete 10 deliveries in South Central.
Money for nothing [20] - Complete the South Central Wager Mission.
Low Ballin' [20] - Win 10 races in a Low Rider.
Easier than the Hills [20] - Complete the South Central tournament.
Brother Time [20] - Complete the 3 missions for the South Central time trial.
Been there, Done that [50] - Finish the South Central career.
GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! [60] - Finish all South Central Goal Attacks.

Hints: Infinite Money:
Complete Career mode to get infinite money.

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