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BlopLEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Cheats and Hints!
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How to Cheat:
Enter the following codes for the desired effect:

hq7bvd - Clone Pilot
s6grnz - MSE-6
hrx2uk - Jedi Shuttle
5c62yq - Sionver Boll
zy3ae2 - Arc-170 Starfighter [Rapid Fire]
gehx6c - Bail Organa
v4wmjn - Luxury Droid
db7zqn - Onaconda Farr
9q7yct - Senator Philo
s4y7vw - Senate Commando [Republic]
epbplk - Senate Commando
wsfzzq - Gammorean Guard
7fnu4t - General Grievous
yg9dd7 - Asajj Ventress
272y9q - Admiral Ackbar [Classic]
d8sngj - Captain Antilles [Classic]
66uu3t - Chewbacca [Classic]
kfdbxf - Han Solo [Classic]
eraewe - Lando Calrissian [Classic]
2d3d3l - Princess Leia [Classic]
pg73hf - Luke Skywalker [Classic]
ffbu5m - Obi-Wan Kenobi [Classic]
lkhd3b - Qui-Gon Jinn [Classic]
pzmqnk - Rebel Commando [Classic]
drglws - Wedge Antilles [Classic]
ty2byj - Bobba Fett [Classic]
fuw4c2 - Greedo [Classic]
qh68ak - Darth Maul [Classic]
qxy5xn - Darth Sidius [Classic]
fm4jb7 - Darth Vader [Classic]
nmjfbl - Darth Vader Battle Damaged [Classic]
egqq4v - Vader's Apprentice [Classic]
5w6fgd - Imperial Guard [Classic]
7gfncq - Clone Shadow Trooper [Classic]
hpe7pz - Stormtrooper [Classic]
gc2xsa - Tuscan Raider [Classic]
mb9emw - Dr Nuvo Vindi
zp8xvh - Wat Tambor
tkcyuz - Lok Durd
4592wm - Poggle The Lesser
qfyxmc - Nute Gunray
4vvyqv - Whorm Loathsom
5c62yq - Chancellor Palpatine
NH2405 - Grand Moff Tarkin
mell07 - Savage Ohit
z7h46t - AT-RT
aa279h - AT-AP Walker
vbezez - AT-TE
p8z9m5 - RX-200 Tank
ymwv33 - BARC Speeder
rylvnw - Super Tank
c9prkp - AAT
nacmgg - Dwarf Spider Droid
t7xf9z - Hailfire Droid
7nec36 - OG-9 Homing Spider Droid
59uu88 - STAP
3nqgyL - Pirate Speeder Tank
3re9xv - Starhawk Speeder Bike
25fmvt - Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter
kddqvd - Slave I
xpy46k - Stealth Ship [Missiles + Torpedos]
7rl23g - Soulless One [Rapid Fire]
jsbljs - Trident Assault Craft [Missiles + Torpedos]
pj2u3r - Geonosian Solar Sailor
npgg24 - Hyena Bomber
7w7k7s - Vulture Droid
edenec - Geonosian Starfighter
6lt4ql - Neimodian Shuttle
z567hr - Pirate Saucer [Missiles]
hj5hhd - Magnaguard Starfighter
lq2svt - Xanadu Blood [Rapid Fire]
mhg3xb - The Halo [Rapid Fire]

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