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BlopLEGO Rock Band Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

You're Hired! [10] - Hire an Entourage member.
Walking on Air [10] - Purchase the 6th vehicle on the World Tour.
Twinkle, Twinkle [10] - Get 100 Stars.
The School of Shock [10] - Shock Band completed.
Teleportation Nation [10] - Unlock the Teleporter on the World Tour.
Start Me Up [10] - Rock-It Fuel completed.
Sea Legs [10] - Purchase the 3rd vehicle on the World Tour.
Royal Command Performance [10] - Kings of Rock 'n' Troll completed.
Rotary Club [10] - Purchase the 4th vehicle on the World Tour.
Rock the House Down [10] - Complete the Wreck 'n' Roll Rock Power Challenge.
Roadie Revolution [10] - Road Crew Hired.
Rain King [10] - Rock the Crop completed.
Pencil Pusher [10] - Hire a Band Manager.
Local Legend [10] - Get 100 fans.
Kickin' the Tentacles [10] - Rocktopus completed.
Jet Setter [10] - Purchase the 8th vehicle on the World Tour.
Into the Deep [10] - Purchase the 7th vehicle on the World Tour.
Open Road [10] - Purchase the 5th vehicle on the World Tour.
No More Mr Ice Guy [10] - Rock the Boat completed.
New to the Scene [10] - Complete your first gig on the World Tour.
Hovel, Sweet Hovel [10] - Purchase one item of rock den furniture.
Gear Head [10] - Purchase an instrument.
Got Wheels [10] - Purchase the 2nd vehicle on the World Tour.
Dooyafinkhesaurus [10] - Securi-T-Rex completed.
Bare Essentials [10] - Purchase an item of clothing.
Armageddon Outta Here [10] - Stop the Rock completed.
Tour de Force [20] - Play at every venue on the World Tour.
Stud Farm [20] - Achieve a 100% Stud Recovery during a performance.
House Proud [20] - Spend 100,000 studs on rock den furniture.
Flawless Groove [20] - Score 100% notes hit as a Bassist.
Flawless Fretwork [20] - Score 100% notes hit as a Guitarist.
Flawless Drumming [20] - Score 100% notes hit as a Drummer.
Flawless Singing [20] - Score a 100% rating as a Vocalist.
Brian MAY Be Jealous [20] - 100% a guitar solo on Expert.
Appetite For Apparel [20] - Spend 100,000 studs or more on items of clothing.
All Four One! [20] - Complete a song with four band members.
Super Stars [30] - Get 1000 Stars.
Long-Distance Rocker [30] - Complete the Rock Marathon Setlist on the World Tour.
Fan-TASTIC [30] - Get 1,000,000 fans.
The Final Countdown [40] - Score 100% on the Guitar Solo in 'The Final Countdown' on Expert.
Instrumental [40] - Spend 1,000,000 studs or more on instruments.
Luxury Living [40] - Spend 1,000,000 studs on rock den furniture.
Fashion Victim [40] - Spend 1,000,000 studs or more on items of clothing.
#1 Boss [40] - Hire all Entourage members.
Veteran Performer [50] - Complete all gigs on the World Tour [except for the Rock Marathon Setlist and Endless Setlist].
Universal Acclaim [50] - Complete the Story.
Solid Gold, Easy Action! [50] - Gold Star any song.
Practice Makes Perfect [50] - All four band members score 100% notes hit.
Endless Shameless [50] - Complete the Endless Setlist on the World Tour.

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