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BlopLego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Cheats and Hints!
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How to Cheat:
Use the following codes to unlock the appropriate item:

7EQF47 - Boxer.
WL4T6N - Dovchenko.
PGWSEA - Indiana Jones: 1.
FGLKY5 - Indiana Jones: 2.
DZFY9S - Indiana Jones: Gather.
8BDJG5 - Indiana Jones: CS.
M4C34K - Indiana Jones: Desert.
2W8QR3 - Indiana Jones: Disguised.
QUNZUT - Indiana Jones: DJ.
J2XS97 - Indiana Jones: Kali.
3FQFKS - Indiana Jones: Officer.
7AWX3J - Lao Che.
P4PCDY - Mac.
U7SMVK - Mannequin: Adult Female.
QPWDMM - Mannequin: Adult Male.
3PG5EL - Mannequin: Child Female.
2UJQWC - Mannequin: Child Male.
82RMC2 - Mola Ram.
2GK562 - Mutt.
4C5AKH - Professor Henry Jones.
FTL48S - Rene Belloq.
E88YRP - Salah.
94RUAJ - Willie: Singer.
EGSM5B - Coin Magnet.
2U7YCV - Snake Whip.
PXT4UP - Alien.
7VLKAF - Biplane.
YLG2TN - Hot Rod.
BC5PTY - Rolls-Royce: Phantom.
RM3E84 - Stunt Plane.

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