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BlopHow to Train Your Dragon Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

Young Competitor [5] - Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Novice difficulty.
First Step [5] - Win a fight in either Story mode or 1 Player Arcade mode.
Outstanding Competitor [10] - Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Normal difficulty.
New Champion [10] - Win against the leader of the first Tournament.
Fearless [10] - Win against the leader of the fourth Tournament.
Courageous [10] - Win against the leader of the second Tournament.
Daring [10] - Win against the leader of the third Tournament.
Ally or Enemy? [10] - Import at least one dragon in Arcade mode.
Weapon Master [15] - Make a dragon finish all trainings.
Valiant [15] - Win the third Tournament always fighting the lowest rated opponent.
More Wild Meat [15] - Catch 200 sheep or boars.
Unstoppable [15] - Win the first Tournament without being defeated.
In Great Shape [15] - Win the second Tournament without taking care of your dragons during it.
Great Speaker [15] - Talk to every person on the island in Story mode.
Perfect [15] - Win 50 fights without being injured in 1 Player Arcade mode.
Ultimate Customization [15] - Unlock all customizations of a dragon family.
Success [15] - Earn a gold medal in each challenge.
Glory to Hiccup [15] - Finish the Story mode with Hiccup.
Rich Harvest [15] - Gather 1,000 common ingredients.
Perfectionist [15] - Have a dragon with 20 points in a characteristic in Story mode.
They Are Alive! [15] - Win 20 fights in 1 Player Arcade mode with a team of dragons created with the Dragon Editor.
In Feathers [15] - Catch 200 chickens.
Dragon Doctor [15] - Have 4 dragons in a great shape in Story mode.
Duelist [15] - Win a wild fight.
Glory to Astrid [15] - Finish the Story mode with Astrid.
Brave [15] - Win the fourth Tournament always fighting the highest rated opponent.
Conqueror [15] - Win 100 fights in either 1 Player or 2 Players Arcade mode.
Cooking Master [15] - Buy all recipes from the shop.
Enlightened [15] - Gather 100 rare ingredients.
Exceptional Tamer [15] - Win 20 fights in 1 Player Arcade mode with a team of custom dragons from the Story mode.
All for One [15] - Win a fight with each default and Legendary dragons in 1 Player Arcade mode.
Extreme Competitor [15] - Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Expert difficulty.
What an Artist! [30] - Sculpt 10 ice blocks in a row in the Ice Sculpting challenge on Expert difficulty.
Belong to the Legend [30] - Unlock all legendary dragons.
Viking Gold [30] - Have 10,000 gold in Story mode.
Brainy [30] - Perform 6 sequences in a row in the Memory Torch challenge on Expert difficulty.
Commander [30] - Win 10 fights in a row in 1 Player Arcade mode on Hard difficulty.
Viking Inhabitant [30] - Play more than 20 hours in Story or Arcade mode [primary profile only].
Shepherd Dragon [30] - Bring back 5 brown sheep in a row in the Flying Shepherd challenge on Expert difficulty.
Legendary Fighter [30] - Win all wild fights.
Game Over! [30] - Win all the medals for all difficulty levels in each challenge.
To Hit the Bull's Eyes [30] - Clear 5 checkpoint rings in a row in the Looping Race challenge on Expert difficulty.
Final Evolution [30] - Have a level 25 dragon.
Shopping Master [30] - Spend 10,000 gold at the shop.
Precise [30] - Recreate 3 dragons in a row without mistakes in the Puzzle Dragon challenge on Expert difficulty.
All Stars [90] - Have 4 level 25 dragons.
Invulnerable [90] - Win the final Championship with none of your dragons being KO.

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