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BlopHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Easy Mini-Crests:
You can get a large amount of Mini-Crests one time only, when you have used the Luck Potion and are making your way to Herbology. At this point, every time you use Diffindo to get the Mini-Crests to appear, you will get the full amount of Mini-Crests available, due to your luck. Get as many as possible at this point to help reach the 25,000 pieces goal.

Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Used the Pensieve [10] - View Dumbledore's first memory of Tom Riddle in the Pensieve.
Speedy Brewer Badge [10] - Earn the Speedy Brewer Badge.
Quidditch Beginner [10] - Earn the Quidditch Beginner's Luck Badge.
Precision Flyer Badge [10] - Earn the Precision Flyer Badge.
Reflex Badge [10] - Earn the Reflex Badge.
Quidditch Captain [10] - Assemble the Gryffindor Quidditch Team.
Portrait Novice [10] - Use your first portrait shortcut.
Potions Club Star [10] - Earn the Potions Club Star Badge.
Potions Beginner [10] - Earn the Potions Beginner's Luck Badge.
Great Party [10] - Create a great Christmas party for Slughorn.
Grime Buster [10] - Clean up after Fred and George at The Burrow.
Duelling Beginner [10] - Earn the Duelling Beginner's Luck Badge.
Duelling Champion [10] - Earn the Duelling Club Champion Badge.
Crest Gatheror 04 [10] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 4.
Crest Gatheror 03 [10] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 3.
Crest Gatheror 02 [10] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 2.
Crest Gatheror 01 [10] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 1.
Combo Flyer Badge [10] - Earn the Combo Flyer Badge.
Potions Club Veteran [20] - Earn the Potions Club Veteran Badge.
Mystery Solved [20] - Retrieved Slughorn's missing memory.
Keen Flyer Badge [20] - Earn the Keen Flyer Badge.
Portrait Pro [20] - Use all of the portrait shortcuts.
Great Mate [20] - Help Ron avoid Lavender.
Good Deed [20] - Help the student retrieve her stolen Gobstone.
Hidden the Book [20] - Hide the Half-Blood Prince's Potions Book.
Duelling Veteran [20] - Earn the Duelling Veteran Badge.
Crest Gatheror 08 [20] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 8.
Crest Gatheror 07 [20] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 7.
Crest Gatheror 06 [20] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 6.
Crest Gatheror 05 [20] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 5.
Burrow Defender [20] - Successfully protected The Burrow.
Quidditch Champion [30] - Won the Quidditch Cup.
Crest Gatheror 11 [30] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 11.
Crest Gatheror 10 [30] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 10.
Crest Gatheror 09 [30] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 9.
Escaped the Cave [40] - Escaped the Cave.
Crest Gatheror 12 [40] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 12.
Master Potioneer [50] - Earn the Master Potioneer Badge.
Master of Flying [50] - Earn the Master of Flying Badge.
Master Duellist Badge [50] - Earn the Master Duellist Badge.
Crest Gatheror 13 [50] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 13.
Crest Gatheror 14 [60] - Complete Crest Gatheror Level 14.
Adventure completed [100] - Conclude the adventure.

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