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BlopGhost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Cheats and Hints!
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Level select:
Press Start during game play, then hold LT + RT + Back and slowly hit Y, RB, Y, RB, X.

Scott Mitchell invincible:
Press Start during game play, then hold LT + RT + Back and slowly hit Yx2, X, RB, X, LB.

Unlimited ammunition:
Press Start during game play, then hold LT + RT + Back and slowly hit RBx2, LB, X, LB, Y.


Hints: Xbox Live music help:
Keeping the music on is recommended, as the tempo picks up when you are approaching the enemy. Conversely the music slows back down when you are at a safe distance.

Hints: Glitch: 'Bulldog': Ghost rocket launcher:
On the 'Bulldog' level, after you complete the first part and are able to select your group, choose the antitank gunner. When you get the chance, kill him. Do not try to revive him and wait for him to die completely. Once he dies, his rocket launcher will disappear but you can still pick it up. You will not see anything in your hands and you can still fire the weapon. The rockets will come from wherever you killed the antitank gunner.

Hints: Sniper rifle:
Get over 500 total head shots in multi-player mode.

Hints: Multiplayer Achievements:
World Champ - Climb to the top of the universal board.
Solo Champ - Climb to the top of the solo leader board.
Team Champ - Climb to the top of the team leader board.
Heavyweight - Total 10,000 frags on multiplayer.
Deadly - Get four kills in a span of four consecutive seconds or shorter.
Unyielding - Get 30 kills on one life.
Falcon - Destroy 100 helicoptors on multiplayer.
Sniper - Total 500 headshots on your career profile.
Committed - Play 8 hours straight on multiplayer.
Master of Ceremony - Host 1000 games on multiplayer.
Perfect chapter 1 - Clear all primary and secondary objectives in chapter 1.
Assassin - Find and kill an opponent who has the Assassin Achievement.
Crack Shot - Kill 10 players with gunshots and at least 5 gamertags in the room without reloading or dying.
Explorer - Win 5 Team or Solo matches on each original MP map with at least 5 different gamertags in the room.
Team Player - Win 30 co-op matches with at least 6 gamertags in the room.
Victor - Win a public player match in all original game types with at least 5 different gamertags in the room.

Hints: Slip and slide:
When you are running and suddenly get fired upon, quickly tap the Left Analog-stick. You will slide along the ground. If you are running and click and hold the Left Analog-stick, you will do a sort of belly flop and slide on your stomach.

Hints: Quick tips in battle:
Quickly hit A to reload your weapon.
Quickly hit B to switch to your alternate weapon[s].
Quickly hit Y to lean up against a wall or some sort of cover in third person view.
If you are running and are suddenly fired upon, click the Left Analog-stick to lie flat.
Click Right Analog-stick to zoom in with a sniper or rifle. This will not work with large automatic machine guns.

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