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BlopF1 2010 Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

The magic number [5] - Take your 3rd career victory.
Practice makes perfect [10] - Participate in all 3 Practice sessions of a race weekend.
Full house [10] - In single player set the fastest time in practice, take pole position and win the race.
Face the hit [10] - Complete your first media interview.
Rookie driver [10] - Successfully complete your first career race.
Imhit the boss [10] - Exceed a career objective set by your team.
One-Two [10] - Achieve a one-two finish with your team mate in a career race.
Perfect 10 [10] - Reach level 10 online.
Taking it online [10] - Win your first online ranked Grand Prix.
Tifosi [10] - Win a single player race in a Ferrari at Monza.
Unforgettable [10] - In single player take pole position and win in Monaco.
Well protected [10] - Complete a single player race using only the cockpit view.
A true gent [10] - Complete a multiplayer race without making contact with an opponent.
2nd chance [10] - Go on to win the race after using a Flashback.
Speed demon [10] - Travel above 220 mph / 353 kph.
CV Submitted [10] - Finish a member of the Formula 1 2010 Dev team or player who has done so.
Seeking Performance [10] - Successfully complete an R&D test.
Commitment is the key [10] - Complete 7 full Championship seasons.
Silver Arrow [10] - Win the German Grand Prix in single player driving for Mercedes.
Rocking the boat [15] - Finish ahead of your Senior team-mate in your first season with a new team.
Strength of character [15] - Chose to pit your self against the toughest Championship Rival.
It's a set-up [15] - Win a race using one of your own set-ups.
Well Drilled [15] - Perform the perfect pit stop.
Clean License [15] - Complete a race without being involved in an accident.
Hot Property [15] - Accept a contract with a higher placed team.
Attracting attention [15] - Win a race where a new contract has been offered.
Limelight [15] - Complete a season ahead of your Championship Rival.
I ain't afraid of no ghost [15] - Set a time in Time Trial mode.
Clean sweep [15] - Qualify in pole position setting the fastest time in each sector in a single player game.
Semi auto [20] - Complete a race using manual gears.
Crushing victory [20] - Outclass your team mate at each race, over one season.
Pole position [20] - Achieve your first pole position in a single player race.
Rain Meister [20] - Win a single player Grand Prix of no less than 20% distance in heavy rain.
Made perfect [20] - Top the time sheet for all 3 Practice Sessions.
The big one [20] - Meet the contract requirements of a Championship leading team.
Team Leader [25] - Become the No. 1 driver of a team by promotion or moving to another team.
True racer [25] - Win a single player race with all driver aids switched off.
Podium finish [25] - Finish on the podium in a Career or Grand Prix race.
Consistency is the key [25] - Score a point in every round of a season.
2 and 5 [25] - Reach level 25 online.
Seasoned [25] - Complete your first Season in Formula 1.
Against all odds [30] - In a single player race take the win after starting in last place.
Top Step [30] - Win a Career or Grand Prix Race.
Schuperb [35] - Take victory from pole position 41 times in your career.
World Champion [40] - Win the Formula 1 Drivers Championship.
Built to succeed [40] - Win the Constructors World Championship.
Double World Champion [50] - Become a double World Champion.
Nifty 50 [50] - Reach level 50 online.
World Champion - Expert [60] - Win the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship on the Expert Difficulty setting.
Triple World Champion [60] - Win the World Drivers Championship for a third time.

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