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BlopDynasty Warriors 6 Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Unlock Difficulties:
Chaos Difficulty - Finish Musou Mode with character from Wu, Shu, Wei...
Very Hard Difficulty - Finish Musou Mode with any character.
Hell Difficulty - Finish Wei, Wu, Shu, and Other musou mode.
Master Difficulty - Finish any musou mode on Easy or Normal.

Hints: Unlock Alternate Outfits:
Reach level 25 to unlock alternate outfit for current character.

Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

The Lord Of Beauty [10] - Zhang He has been unlocked.
The Loyal Warrior [10] - Zhou Tai has been unlocked.
The Master General[10] - Lu Meng has been unlocked.
The Little Conqueror[10] - Unlock Sun Ce.
The General of Heaven [10] - Zhang Jiao has been unlocked.
The Ferocious Warrior [10] - Taishi Ci has been unlocked.
The Fledgling Phoenix [10] - Pang Tong has been unlocked.
The Patriarch of Yuan [10] - Yuan Shao has been unlocked.
The Patriarch of Yuan [10] - Yuan Shao has been unlocked.
The Veteran General [10] - Huang Gai has been unlocked.
The Wise Lady[10] - Yue Ying has been unlocked.
The Tiger of Jiang Dong [10] - Unlock Sun Jian.
The Tiger General [10] - Huang Zhong has been unlocked.
The Son Of Guan Yu [10] - Guan Ping has been unlocked.
The Splendid One [10] - Ma Chao has been unlocked.
1st in Gauntlet [10] - Rank 1st [Pesonal Best] In Gauntlet.
The Courageous Lord [10] - Xu Huang has been unlocked.
1st in Sudden Death [10] - Rank 1st [Personal Best] in Sudden Death.
1st in Speed Run [10] - Rank 1st [Personal Best] in Speed Run.
1st in Havoc [10] - Rank 1st [Personal Best] In Havoc.
1st in Rampage [10] - Rank 1st [Personal Best] In Rampage.
The Arm of Cao Cao [10] - Xiahou Yuan has been unlocked.
The Barbarian Lord [10] - Wei Yan has been unlocked.
Scenario Private [20] - 10 or more scenarios cleared.
The Reckless Pirate [30] - Gan Ning has been unlocked.
The Sleeping Dragon [30] - Zhuge Liang has been unlocked.
Scenario Corporal [30] - 20 or More Scenarios Cleared.
The Beautiful Dancer[30] - Diao Chan has been unlocked.
Target Private [30] - 50 or more targets achieved.
The Forthright Lord [30] - Zhang Liao has been unlocked.
Target Corporal [40] - 70 or more targets achieved.
Scenario Captain [40] - 30 or more scenarios cleared.
Scenario General [50] - All scenarios cleared.
Musou Mode Master [50] - All Musou Modes cleared.
Target Captain [50] - 100 or more Targets achieved.
Target General [60] - All Targets achieved.

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