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BlopDragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete the following tasks to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Great Air Battle! [5] - Do a Chase Battle in Story Mode for the first time.
Training All Over Again [5] - Do Training for the first time.
Beginning of a Fantastic Tale [5] - Win 1 Event Battle in Story Mode.
I'm Going to Change the World! [5] - Win 1 Event Battle in Hero Mode.
Battle Rookiem [5] - Battle 1 time on Xbox LIVE.
The Martial Artist's Path [10] - Obtain a Hero Fight Style for the first time.
Expert [10] - Successfully perform Clashes 20 times total in real battle.
How Do I Look? [10] - Obtain a Hero hairstyle for the first time.
Interception Learner [10] - Perform Defense Reaction-Intercept 10 times total in real battle.
Monster on a Full Moon [10] - Clear a Giant Boss Battle in Story Mode for the first time.
Master! Please Teach Me! [10] - Obtain a Hero Master for the first time.
Becoming Fashion Aware [10] - Obtain a Hero costume for the first time.
Evasion Learner [10] - Perform Defense Reaction-Evade 10 times total in real battle.
Growing in Power [10] - Obtain 500 Hero AP.
Your Real Training Starts Here [10] - Clear Hero Mode training for the first time.
World Domination! [10] - Fight on all maps.
Defense Learner [10] - Perform Defense Reaction-Guard 10 times total in real battle.
I Still Want To Fight [15] - Win 5 times in 1P vs. CPU battle.
That's One Big Dragon!! [15] - Summon Shenron for the first time.
Master of Moves [20] - Perform 50 Ultimate Attacks total in real battle.
Moves On Parade [20] - Perform 50 Super Attacks total in real battle.
Tapping into Latent Power [20] - Gather 10 Skills.
Regular Battle Customer [20] - Battle 10 times on Xbox LIVE.
Point Getter [20] - Obtain 1000 Hero AP.
I Want to Fight Someone Strong! [20] - Win 30 times in 1P vs. CPU battle.
Battle Veteran [20] - Battle 30 times on Xbox LIVE.
Don't Forget the Basics [20] - Complete Tutorial until the end.
Title Holder [20] - Gather 5 or more titles.
All 7 Are Here! [20] - Obtain 7 Dragon Balls in Story Mode.
Which One Shall I Choose? [20] - Gather 10 Super Attacks.
Dragon Ball Doctorate [20] - View all character profiles in the Character Encyclopedia.
That One's Even Bigger!! [20] - Summon Porunga for the first time.
World Tournament Champion [30] - Win the World Tournament.
Super Attack Gatheror [30] - Gather 30 Super Attacks.
Limit Breaker [30] - Obtain 20,000 Hero AP.
Evasion Fiend [30] - Perform Defense Reaction-Evade 100 times total in real battle.
Defense Professional [30] - Perform Defense Reaction-Guard 100 times total in real battle.
Counter Hero [30] - Perform Defense Reaction-Intercept 100 times total in real battle.
Cell Games Champion [30] - Win the Cell Games.
Skill Master [30] - Gather 20 Skills.
Fight Seeker [30] - Win 50 times in a 1P vs. 'Very Strong' CPU battle.
Goodbye, Dragon World [30] - Clear Story Mode for the first time.
I See Right Through You! [30] - Successfully perform Clashes 100 times total in real battle.
The Actors are All in Play! [35] - Excluding custom Heroes, unlock all characters and forms.
Cell Games True Champion [40] - Champion of Cell Games on Hard Difficulty.
Thank You Very Much!! [40] - Watch the Credits.
W.Tournament True Champion [40] - Champion of World Tournament on Hard Difficulty.
Title King [40] - Gather 30 or more titles.
I Changed the World! [40] - Clear Hero Mode for the first time.

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