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BlopDead or Alive Xtreme 2 Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: How to obtain the Secret Ticket from Zack:
The Secret Ticket allows the character to pole dance in the casino. First, the entire pole dance scene must be unlocked. To do this, you must bet 3000 Zack dollars on Christie's slot machine, and you must hit the jackpot a total of 8 times. In order to bet 3000 Zack dollars using Christie's slot machine, you must have a minimum of 1.5 million Zack dollars, otherwise the machine will not be powered on. Once the entire pole dance sequence is shown, on the following night, Zack will give your character the Secret Ticket which allows her to do the dance. Once it is used, it will disappear, and the only way to get another ticket is to hit the jackpot 8 times again.

Hints: Things to Achieve:
Do the following task to unlock the following tasks and their alloted gamerscore:

Mr. PPV [5] - Create an original PPV event in Create-A-PPV mode.
Curtain Call [5] - Create an original entrance in Create-An-Entrance mode.
With Friends Like These...[5] - Create an original stable of Superstars in Create-A-Stable mode.
Let The Creative Juices Flow [5] - Create one original Superstar using the Create-A-Superstar mode.
Royal Rumble Rookie [10] - Win a 10 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the # 1 entrant on any difficulty setting.
In Ring Technician [10] - Defeat every Superstar on the roster by pin or submission at least once on hard difficulty.
In Ring Journeyman [10] - Win at least one match using every Superstar on the roster on any difficulty setting.
Self Anointed Champion [10] - Create a singles Championship in Create-A-Championship mode.
Crown Us The Champ! [10] - Create a Tag Team Championship in Create-A-Championship mode.
Royal Rumble Pro [20] - Win a 25 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the #1 entrant on hard difficulty.
Royal Rumble Legend [20] - Win a 30 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the #1 entrant on legend difficulty.
Way Past Jobber [20] - Win 50 matches on any difficulty setting.
Those Who Paved The Way [20] - Unlock every WWE Legend.
Royal Rumble Jobber [20] - Win a 15 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the # 1 entrant on any difficulty.
Royal Rumble Veteran [20] - Win a 20 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the # 1 entrant on hard difficulty.
Online Rising Star [20] - Win 20 matches online.
Complete Domination! [20] - Defeat every Superstar on the roster at least once on legend difficulty.
Championship Gold! [30] - Unlock every WWE Championship title.
Online Veteran [30] - Win 50 matches online.
Online Blue Chipper [40] - Win 20 consecutive online matches.
Season Mode Jobber [50] - Complete Season Mode on easy or normal difficulty.
New Hire [50] - Complete one full year of General Manager Mode.
Seasoned Vet [50] - Win 100 matches on any difficulty setting.
A Fighting Online Champion [60] - Defend your created Championship 20 times online.
Certified Online Superstar [70] - Win 50 consecutive online matches.
Season Mode Legend [100] - Complete Season Mode on legend difficulty.
Let It Reign! [100] - Defend your created Championship 50 times online.
Season Mode Veteran [100] - Complete Season Mode on hard difficulty.
Employee of the year [100] - Win the General Manager of the year trophy.

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