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BlopDeadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Capable [20] - Finished the Tutorial.
Congenial Captain [30] - Made friends with a captain.
Competitor [30] - Completed a tournament game.
Greenhorn [30] - Won the Capt. Greenhorn campaign.
Fearless [40] - Pulled up and sorted crab in Hurricane weather.
King Crab Jackpot [40] - Pulled up a string with more than 80 King Crab per pot.
Captain Hook [50] - Got a streak of 20 while retrieving outside of Practice mode.
Master Engineer [50] - Gathered 8 bonuses during the Patch game outside of Practice mode.
Steady Hand [50] - Offloaded at least 50 crab outside of Practice mode and got an 'A' without making an error.
Lifesaver [50] - Rescued a crewmember outside of Practice mode.
All Set [50] - Set 50 pots outside of Practice mode and got an 'A' without making an error.
Fast Hand [50] - Got a streak of 16 in the Sorting game outside of Practice mode.
Underdog [60] - Won the Underdog campaign.
Soloist [70] - Came out on top of a season while hiring only a single crewmember.
Crab Tycoon [80] - Earned one million dollars in a single season.
Veteran [100] - Won the Full Career campaign.
Old Salt [200] - Won all the campaigns.

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