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BlopBionic Commando Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Train Wreck [5] - Complete 'Train Wreck' challenge.
Man Locked Up [5] - Complete 'Man Locked Up' challenge.
Leap Up! [5] - Complete 'Leap Up!' challenge.
Swinger [5] - Complete 'Swinger' challenge.
Stroke of Luck [5] - Complete 'Stroke of Luck' challenge.
Kaboom [5] - Complete 'Kaboom' challenge.
Close Up [5] - Complete 'Close Up' challenge.
Blood Trial [5] - Complete 'Blood Trial' challenge.
Worthy Foe [10] - Complete 'Worthy Foe' challenge.
Whoo-paah! [10] - Complete 'Whoo-paah!' challenge.
Two Hit Wonder [10] - Complete 'Two Hit Wonder' challenge.
Torn Into Pieces [10] - Complete 'Torn Into Pieces' challenge.
The River [10] - Complete 'The River' challenge.
The Pinball Effect [10] - Complete 'The Pinball Effect' challenge.
Rocket Man [10] - Complete 'Rocket Man' challenge.
Receiving End [10] - Complete 'Receiving End' challenge.
Spence is in the Air [10] - Complete 'Spence is in the Air' challenge.
Slayer [10] - Complete 'Slayer' challenge.
Kick In The Back [10] - Complete 'Kick In The Back' challenge.
Jabber Man [10] - Complete 'Jabber Man' challenge.
Incoming! [10] - Complete 'Incoming!' challenge.
Fair Fight! [10] - Complete 'Fair Fight!' challenge.
Explosive Delivery [10] - Complete 'Explosive Delivery' challenge.
Down To Earth [10] - Complete 'Down To Earth' challenge.
Shoot 'Em Up! [15] - Complete 'Shoot 'Em Up!' challenge.
Pull! [15] - Complete 'Pull!' challenge.
Let the Dog Out [15] - Complete 'Let the Dog Out' challenge.
Cracker [15] - Complete 'Cracker' challenge.
Barrage [15] - Complete 'Barrage' challenge.
Crowd Control [20] - Complete 'Crowd Control' challenge.
Drive-by [20] - Complete 'Drive-by' challenge.
Come Out and Play [20] - Complete 'Come Out and Play' challenge.
Air to Surface [20] - Complete 'Air to Surface' challenge.
Whip 'Em Good [25] - Complete 'Whip 'Em Good' challenge.
The Pitcher [25] - Complete 'The Pitcher' challenge.
Shellshock [25] - Complete 'Shellshock' challenge.
Poly Cruncher [25] - Complete 'Poly Cruncher' challenge.
Nemesis [25] - Complete 'Nemesis' challenge.
Headshot Bonanza [25] - Complete 'Headshot Bonanza' challenge.
Feel the Finish, Y'all! [25] - Complete 'Feel the Finish, Y'all!' challenge.
Biomech Sweeper [25] - Complete 'Biomech Sweeper' challenge.
Out of the Bush [30] - Complete 'Out of the Bush' challenge.
Can you dig it? [40] - Complete 'Can you dig it?' challenge.
The Gatheror [50] - Find all collectibles in the game.
End Game [50] - Complete the final mission.
Choke on that [50] - Kill Groeder - Kill him for good.
Bionically Challenged [50] - Complete all challenges in the game.
I got Hard [75] - Finish the game in Hard mode.
I went Commando [100] - Finish the game in Commando mode.

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