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BlopBeijing 2008 Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Things to Achieve:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Changing Faces [10] - Play with a custom team.
Good Host [10] - Host an Xbox LIVE game.
Leader Of The Pack [10] - Finish a friend's personal best.
Pole Vault Victor [15] - In the Pole Vault clear 6.00m.
Parallel Bars Prodigy [15] - Score 17.50 points or over in the Parallel Bars.
Platform Diving Demon [15] - Score over 360 points in the 10m Platform Diving.
Middle Distance Professional [15] - Run the 800m in under 1 minute 41 seconds.
King Of The Hurdles [15] - Run the Hurdles in under 12.80 seconds.
Long Distance Master [15] - Run the 1500m in under 3 minutes 26 seconds.
Long Jump Legend [15] - In the Long Jump clear 8.96m.
Quickdraw King [15] - In 25m Rapid Fire Pistol score 10's for all shots in a round.
One Lap Winner [15] - Run the 400m in under 43.10 seconds.
Sharp Shooter [15] - Score a perfect round in Skeet.
Triple Jump Topdog [15] - In the Triple Jump clear 18.30m.
Unequalled At Uneven Bars [15] - Score 17.50 points or over in the Uneven Bars.
Untouchable [15] - Win gold at Judo without receiving any points or credits against you.
Vault Vanquisher [15] - Score 17.50 points or over in the Vault.
Table Tennis Clean Sweep [15] - Win a game in Table Tennis without losing a point.
Sprint Powerhouse [15] - Run the 100m in under 9.80 seconds.
Kayaking Crazy [15] - Finish the Kayak course in under 112 seconds.
Short Distance Hotshot [15] - Run the 200m in under 19.20 seconds.
Shotput Strongman [15] - Throw the Shot over 23.20m.
Springboard Diving Diva [15] - Score over 400 points in the 3m Springboard Diving.
Ring Leader [15] - Score 16.80 points or over in the Rings.
Javelin Sureshot [15] - Throw the Javelin over 98.50m.
Crackshot [15] - In 10m Air Pistol score 10's for all shots in a round.
Archery Ace [15] - Score a perfect round in Archery.
Discus Champion [15] - Throw the Discus over 76.90m.
Class Act At Cycling [15] - Finish a Cycling Team Pursuit race in under 3 minutes 56 seconds.
Butterfly Idol [15] - Swim the 100m Butterfly in under 50.40 seconds.
Backstroke Superstar [15] - Swim the 100m Backstroke in under 53.10 seconds.
Balance Beam Boss [15] - Score 16.80 points or over in the Balance Beam.
Breaststroke Bruiser [15] - Swim the 100m Breaststroke in under 59.30 seconds.
Elite Freestyler [15] - Swim the 50m Freestyle in under 21.50 seconds.
Decathlon Points Premiere [15] - Score over 9000 points in the Decathlon.
Floor Exercise Expert [15] - Score 17.30 points or over in the Floor Exercises.
Heptathlon Points Pro [15] - Score over 6900 points in the Heptathlon.
Heavyweight Lifter [15] - In Weightlifting lift a total of over 475kg.
High Jump Veteran [15] - In the High Jump clear 2.40m.
Hammer Hero [15] - Throw the Hammer over 86.80m.
Online Olympian [20] - Win an event on Xbox LIVE.
Best With Friends [20] - Play a 4 player game on one Xbox 360 console.
Steady Improver [30] - Make 6 consecutively improved jumps in the Long Jump.
Herculean Effort [30] - In the Javelin make 3 consecutive throws over 95.00m.
Back To Back Glory [35] - Win 5 events in a row on Xbox LIVE.
Heptathlon Heroine [40] - Win all 7 events in a Heptathlon.
Decathlon Dominator [40] - Win all 10 events in a Decathlon.
Career Athlete [50] - Complete an Olympic Games mode game.
To The Max [50] - Max-out all attributes in Olympic Games Mode.
Hardcore Olympian [100] - Complete Olympic Games mode without quitting or failing a day.

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