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BlopAmped 3 Cheats and Hints!
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Cheat mode:
Select 'Options' at the main menu, then choose the 'Cheat Codes' option. Enter one of the following codes at the 'Cheat Codes' screen to enable the wanted cheat:

R, X, L, Down, Right, LB, L, R, Y, X - All sleds
Up, R, X, Y, LB, X, Down, LB, R, RB - Full awesome meter
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Y - Unknown Effect


Hints: Unlock Outlaw:
Earn any medal in the Toll 'N' Thunder event.

Hints: Unlock Streamline:
Earn any medal in the Shore Leave event.

Hints: Unlock Warlord Car:
To unlock the Warlord car [also known as the most awesome car in Full Auto, with full armor and speed stats], you must earn a Full Auto medal for the Armageddon event in the Warlord career mode chapter.

When you chose the weapon combo, choose the assault weapons set the machine guns to level 3 and the mines to level 1. Hang back at the rear of the pack, kill all your opponents, and finish first you should be able to unlock the Warlord which is the best car in the game.

Hints: Unlock Opulent:
Earn any medal in the Laps of Luxury event.

Hints: Unlock Kodiak:
Earn any medal in the Monster Mash event.

Hints: Unlock TEC:
Earn any medal in the Over/Under event.

Hints: Ambush series 20pts:
Survive every event in this series.

Hints: Unlock Guardian:
Earn any medal in the Short Stretch event.

Hints: Unlock Hitman:
Earn any medal in the Tommygunner event.

Hints: Unlock Phantom:
Earn any medal in the Bayside Brawl event.

Hints: Unlock Enduro series 20pts:
Survived every event in this series.

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