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BlopAnimal Crossing: City Folk Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Unlock Jingle Furniture:
On December 24, at 8 pm, Jingle comes to town. Talk to him to recieve a piece of the Jingle furniture. You can change your outfits and accesories to think you're somebody else!

Hints: Unlock Prizes at Tom Nook's Store:
Bad bro 'stache - Buy it for 2,500 points.
Banana - Buy it for 500 points.
Hero's cap, Majora's Mask, or Samus mask - Buy it for 6,000 points.
Hero's clothes, Varia suit, or Wario hat - Buy it for 5,000 points.
Kart - Buy it for 10,000 points.
Midna's mask - Buy it for 6,500 points.
Peach's parasol - Buy it for 4,000 points.
Toad hat - Buy it for 3,000 points.
Triple Shells - Buy it for 800 points.
Yoshi's egg - Buy it for 1,000 points.

Hints: New message notice:
A canary will perch on top of the the Message Board outside of the Town Hall if you have an unread message there.

Hints: Easy money:
One of the rocks in your town will randomly give Bells when it is hit repeatedly.

Hints: Unlock Pirate Ship Theme:
If you see Pascal in your town, give him a scallop[Not a white scallop. That doesn't work] and he will give you a random Pirate Ship theme item. Do not talk to him until you have the scallop with you or he swims away.

Hints: Whisp: Wish:
Go to the southeast corner of town on a Monday night. A voice will talk to you. Follow its directions until you find Whisp the ghost. He will ask you to find his lost lamp. After you find it, go to the your house's attic. Whisp will give you a wish for finding the lamp. You can ask him to get rid of all your town's weeds, remove all the cockroaches, or get a random item.

Hints: Bug net:
Talk to Tortimer the mayor during the Bug Catching Contest to get a free bug net

Hints: Unlock Better tools:
Golden Axe - Throw an axe into the town fountain to randomly turn it golden.
Golden Fishing Rod - Catch every species of fish.
Golden Net - Catch every species of insect.
Golden Shovel - Bury a normal shovel then dig it up four days later.
Golden Slingshot - Knock down eight balloons to have a random chance of obtaining it from a balloon.
Golden Watering Can - Earn a 'Perfect' town rating for fifteen days, then talk to Pelly at Town Hall.
Silver Axe - Throw an axe into the town fountain.
Silver Fishing Rod - Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Net - Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Shovel - Obtain from Resetti's Surveillance Center in the city.
Silver Slingshot - Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Watering Can - Purchase fifty bags of seeds from Tom Nook's store.

Hints: Unlock Connection bonus:
Transfer your saved game file from Animal Crossing - Wild World. All your previously unlocked items will now be available for sale in the catalog at Tom Nook's store.

Hints: Unlock Town Fund bonuses:
Donate the indicated number of Bells to the Town Fund at Town Hall:

Green Feather - Donate 100,000,000 Bells.
Blue Feather - Donate 200,000,000 Bells.
Bridge is built - Donate 200,000 Bells.
Yellow Feather - Donate 300,000,000 Bells.
Red Feather - Donate 400,000,000 Bells.
Fountain is built - Donate 500,000 Bells.
Purple Feather - Donate 500,000,000 Bells.
White Feather - Donate 600,000,000 Bells.
Rainbow Feather - Donate 700,000,000 Bells.
Windmill or lighthouse is built - Donate 1,000,000 Bells.

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