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BlopGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats and Hints!
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Weather cheats:
Sunny weather - R2,X,L1,L1,L1,L2,L2L2,Triangle
Very sunny weather - R2,X,L1,L1,L2,L2,L2,Down
Very cloudy weather - R2,X,L1,L1,L2,L2,L2,Square
Stormy weather - R2,X,L1,L1,L2,L2,L2,Circle
Cloudy weather - R2,X,L1,L1,L2,L2,L2,Triangle
Foggy weather - R2,X,L1,L1,L2,L2,L2,X
Orange Sky - Left,Left,L2,R1,Right,Square,Square,L1,L2,X
Sandstorm -Up,DownL1,L1,L2,L2,L1,L2,R1,R2

Spawn Vehicle Cheats for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:
Rhino - Circle,Circle,L1,Circle,Circle,Circle,L1,L2,R1,Triangle,Circle,Triangle
Bloodring Banger - Down,R1,Circle,L2,L2,X,R1,L1,Left,Left
Ranger - Up,Right,Right,L1,Right,Up,Square,L2
Hotring Racer #1 - R1,Circle,R2,Right,L1,L2,X,X,Square,R1
Hotring Racer #2 - R2,L1,Circle,Right,L1,R1,Right,Up,Circle,R2
Romero's Hearse - Down,R2,Down,R1,L2,Left,R1,L1,Left,Right
Stretch Limo - R2,Up,L2,Left,Left,R1,L1,Circle,Right
Trashmaster - Circle,R1,Circle,R1,Left,Left,R1,L1,Circle,Right
Caddy - Circle,L1,Up,R1,L2,X,R1,L1,Circle,X
Quad - Left,Left,Down,Down,Up,Up,Square,Circle,Triangle,R1,R2
Hydra - Triangle,Triangle,Square,Circle,X,L1,L1,Down,Up
Vortex - Triangle,Triangle,Square,Circle,X,L1,L2,Down,Down
Monster Truck - Right,Up,R1,R1,R1,Down,Triangle,Triangle,X,Circle,L1,L1
Stunt Plane - Circle,Up,L1,L2,Down,R1,L1,L1Left,Left,X,Triangle

How to Cheat:
Press the following buttons to activate the desired Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheat:

Commit Suicide - Right,L2,Down,R1,Left,Left,R1,L1,L2,L1
Max Out Health & Ammo and Get Cash - R1,R2,L1,X,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Right,Up
Get All Weapons 1 - R1,R2,L1,R2,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Right,Up
Get All Weapons 2 - R1,R2,L1,R2,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Down,Down
Get All Weapons 3 - R1,R2,L1,R2,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Down,Left
Raise Your Wanted Level - R1,R1,Circle,R2,Left,Right,Left,Right,Left,Right
Lower Your Wanted Level - R1,R1,Circle,R2,Up,Down,Up,Down,Up,Down
Freeze Your Wanted Level - Circle,Right,Circle,Right,Left,Square,Triangle,Up
Six-star Wanted Level - Circle,Right,Circle,Right,Left,Square,X,Down
$250,000 - R1,R2,L1,X,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Right,Up
Money - R1,R2,L1,R2,X,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Right,Up
Infinite Oxygen [Lung Capacity] - Down,Left,L1,Down,Down,R2,Down,L2,Down
Adrenaline Mode - X,X,Square,R1,L1,X,Down,Left,X

Gameplay Cheats:
Speed up time - Circle,Circle,L1,Square,L1,Square,Square,Square,L1,Triangle,Circle,Triangle
Slow down time - Triangle,Up,Right,Down,Square,R2,R1
Faster motion - Triangle,Up,Right,Down,L2,L1,Square
Slower motion - Triangle,Up,Right,Down,Square,R2,R1
Ninja Theme - X,X,Down,R2,L2,Circle,R1,Circle,Square
Funhouse Theme - Triangle,Triangle,L1,Square,Square,Circle,Square,Down,Circle
Full Weapon Aiming Whilst Driving - Up,Up,Square,L2,Right,X,R1,Down,R2,Circle
Peds Come After You - Down,Up,Up,Up,X,R2,R1,L2,L2
Jump High - Up,Up,Triangle,Triangle,Up,Up,Left,Right,Square,R2,R2
Mega Punch - Up,Left,X,Triangle,R1,Circle,Circle,Circle,L2
Beach Party - Up,Up,Down,Down,Square,Circle,L1,R1,Triangle,Down Long BMX jumps - Triangle,Square,Circle,Circle,Square,Circle,Circle,L1,L2,L2,R1,R2


Hints: Easy Money for Cleaning the Hood:
Anytime you kill a drug dealer, you will net $2000. Drug dealers normally wear black jackets and stand still waiting for people to talk to them. Kill as many as you can find to build up your cash stash quickly.

Hints: Easy Body Armor:
Go out behind the house and into the aqueduct to the left. Go down the sloped wall of the aqueduct and head left. On an incline underneath the bridge, you'll find a handy vest.

Hints: Snapshots:
At 12:01 AM in San Fierro all of the snapshot areas glow.

Hints: Easter Eggs:
The guy who steals your girlfriend after the race is 'The Guy' from GTA3.

Zoom up on the action figures behind the counters behind the cash register at Zero's- They are pink boxes with either Lance Vance or Tommy Vercetti action figures inside.

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