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BlopTrue Crime: Streets of LA Cheats and Hints!
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Unlockable Characters:
Once unlocked you must create a saved game with the correct license plate name to play as the unlocked character:

Sandwich Guy Icons [Licence plate: nomayo]
11th St. [Downtown on top of Staples Center Santa Fe and 1st St
On 6th St. between Grand and Hope
8 th St. Between Main and Spring St
Grand St Between Olympic and 11th
Melrose and El Centro
Cherokee and Hollywood Blvd
La Brea and De Longpre
Sunset Blvd and Sweetzer
Robertson Blvd and Santa Monica

Call Of Duty Soldier Icons [Licence plate: nomayo]
Wilshire and Veteran
Kelton and Strathmore
Landfair and Strathmore
Weyburn and Broxton
Manning and Pico
National and Overland
Clarington and Tabor
Cardiff and Regent
Bentley and Clover
Boise and Venice

Ayame Objective [License Plate: knoichi]
M3-G5 Knock out all enemies in Spa

Rikimaru Objective [License Plate: genin]
M6-G2 Stealth kill all enemies

Jeanette Objective [License Plate: vaklam]
M6-G4 Kill all zombies

Taurus Objective [License Plate: awyeah]
M4-G7 Finish clock without damaging vehicle

Officer Dick Objective [License Plate: thuglyf]
M10-G6 Finish level without killing hostages

Desperado Objective [License Plate: Reckon]
Play as Snoop Dogg:
Pick all 30 Dogg Bones throughout the city. They are marked in yellow on the map and the first is located across from City Hall at 1st and Hill.

Bonus FMV sequence:
Successfully complete the game with all three endings. If you unlock all three endings using the blindfolding smoking donkey 'JASS', the bonus video features a pimp and Wu's concubine dancing.


Hints: Get into the airport landing strip:
One of the car parks at Airport Ave. has a little gap at the far left side. Go through the gap and you will be in the airport landing strip.

Hints: Business spoofs:
Some places throughout the game are spoofs of real businesses. For example 'OK Price' and 'Burger&Fries' are spoofs of 'Best Buy' and 'Burger King'.

Hints: Bandit Never Been Apprehended mission:
When the street crime mission is to bust the criminal 'Bandit Never Been Apprehended' be ready to fire. Every time he pretends to surrender, he will fire. Note: If you do not want the Good Cop rating to go down, take out your guns and wait for him to pretend to give up and fire at you once, so that you have a reason to kill him.

Hints: More damage:
When an opponent is dazed, you can hit them hard into the wall with a finisher to do even more damage.

Hints: Weapon Unlockables:
Rocket Launcher - To the left of your start position in Bank Standoff.
Crossbow - In the middle of the map on Chinatown Showdown
Baseball Bat - Back of the room in Bum Encounter, near the refrigerator.

Hints: Bashing through walls:
There is a way to bash through the walls that crumble when you attack them. Simply drive at them at a very high speed so that your car drives straight through before the crumbling of the wall is over. This is useful when being chased by gangsters, cops, etc., as they cannot get through.

Hints: Jetting Away mission: Easy completion:
When chasing the plane with Rocky, get behind it and go into 'precision targeting'. Shoot the engines until they explode, then the whole plane will blow up.

Hints: Defeating zombie during Wu's mission:
After beating up the chefs, a zombie will appear. Go near a stove and kick it. Hopefully, you have not destroyed it while fighting the chefs. The stove will explode and both of you will catch fire. The zombie will get greater damage than you. Repeat this with the second stove. If the zombie is still alive, knock him into the fire. Note: It is not possible to kill the zombie with physical attacks.

Hints: S.W.A.T. team:
To get the S.W.A.T. team on you, kill a number of civilians [about thirty]. The S.W.A.T. team will come after you in black vans.

Hints: Defeating ancient Wu's concubine:
The easiest way to defeat ancient Wu's concubine is to run to the ropes and do a running attack. The rope will break. Go back and fight the concubine. Force them to fight where you broke the ropes and you can hit them off.

Hints: Slide across hoods:
To do this, you must be running at a medium speed [if running at full speed, nick will jump over the car]. Run until your are right next to the car then hit Jump. Nick will slide across the hood. This works on any vehicle.

Hints: Stop carjackings:
When your enemy is escaping by stealing a getaway car, kick them when they are pulling out the victim to stop them.

Hints: Movie reference:
In the game, there is a billboard that reads 'True Crime: Streets Of L.A.: The Movie, Fall 2005'.

Hints: Dog bone locations:
Find at least one dog bone. Then, go to the city map and you will see all the dog bone location. Note: It is recommended that you save the game after finding one dog bone. Go to a parking garage 'P' on the radar or an upgrade [green or blue on radar].
1. Hollywood, near Sunset and Highland , behind gray fence open area
2. Hollywood, Melrose and Spaulding, behind fence
3. Beverly Hills, La Cienega Blvd. and 3rd St. in parking lot near parking garage
4. Beverly Hills, La Peer Dr. and Wilshire Blvd., parking lot
5. Century City, Pico Blvd. and Canfield Ave., corner
6. Hancock Park, Rimpau Blvd. and Olympic Blvd.
7. Hancock Park, 1st St. and Larchmont Blvd.
8. Between Hancock Park and Jefferson Park near I10, Washington Blvd. and Mansfield Ave.
9. Between Culver City and Jefferson Park near I10, Apple and Fairfax
10. Culver City, Washington Blvd. and Landmark St.
11. Jefferson Park, Jefferson Blvd. and Redondo
12. Jefferson park, jefferson blvd. and 4th in front of club
13. Korea Town, Washington and Budlong in front of liquor
14. Downtown, 15th and Central
15. Between Downtown and Chinatown, Hill St.
16. China Town, Alvarado and Court
17. Korea Town, 8th St. and Rampart Blvd.
18. Los Felix, Fletcher Blvd. and Silver Ridge Ave.
19. Los Fenix, Lily Crest and Kenmore
20. Century city, Club and Shelby
21. Century city, holmby and Pandora
22. Between I405 and I10, Sepulveda and Clover
23. Near Venice, Airport and Dewey
24. Venice, Lincoln and Marco Pl.
25. Venice, Panay St., near sailboats
26. Venice, Lincoln and Pine
27. Santa Monica, 7th St. and Wilshire Blvd.
28. Santa Monica, San Vicente Blvd. and 19th St.
29. Santa Monica, Olympic and Cloverfield
Hints: Drive around impound lot:
In the impound lot where you can choose from the four cars you unlock, honk the horn a few times, then go in reverse before you hit the gas and you can around the lot.

Hints: Spa Infiltration mission: Ten good deeds:
Good judo chop [Good Cop] everybody on the level. At the boiler room, go in the middle and chop the man in the chair. Go around the boiler and chop the guard. At the end of the level, go to your right and chop the man in the chair, then go to the left and chop that man, being careful not to hit any buckets. Then, end the level and repeat.

Hints: Increasing Cop rank:
Go around checking everyone for drugs and weapons to get +1 Good Cop.

Go to the Hancock Park area in the middle of the map. On a street corner at 2nd and Citrus Ave., you can frisk just about anyone close to or moving to the intersection and almost always finds drugs or weapons on them.

Go to Ozone Ave. in Venice. Just about every person there will have weapons or drugs.

Go to 4th and Hill. Just about everyone there has drugs or guns.

To increase your Good or Bad Cop rank easily, replay a stealth mission and choose your attack accordingly.

To increase your Good Cop rank, walk on any street near from somebody. If they look at you, it means that they are clean for drugs or weapons. If they do not look, they have illegal things like guns or drugs. Arrest them and you will hear a sound of good cop. Note: Do not try this with people who are talking by a phone.

There is a street where almost all of the people you arrest will either be carrying drugs or weapons. To get there, take Highway 10 east or until you get to where Highway 10 and Highway 405 cross over. It will be near the east side of the map. Take Highway 405 south. When you merge with Highway 405, take the very first road off Highway 405. It will be backwards, but it should lead to National Blvd. When you get off Highway 405, you should turn left. After you pass Sawtelle Blvd., go down until you are about slightly halfway past Sawtelle Blvd. Get out of your car and frisk someone. They should have drugs or weapons.

Play a stealth mission with a lot of people and use only stun attacks, then complete the stage. Wait until the auto save is finished. Then, exit to the main menu and resume the game. Play the stealth mission again. Repeat until you get the desired good cop rank.

In the Hancock Park area on Highland Blvd. between 3rd and 2nd Street, mostly everyone has illegal drugs or weapons. The street is located just above the 'O: in Hancock Park on the map.

In Hancock Park on Highland Blvd., between the white picket fence and the green shrubs, most people you stop will have illegal drugs and guns, even those on their cell phones.

On Second Street between Irving Bvld. and Lorraine Blvd., most everyone you stop will have drugs or guns.

Start a fight with a pedestrian, and when you stun them, knock them over with a special move. Before they get up, take out your guns. Once they are standing, they will surrender and you can go in for the arrest. Note: this will not work if the pedestrian is carrying a gun; frisk them before you start fighting.

If you are in Venice, immediately start driving towards the apartments by the ocean [refer to the map]. These streets are somewhat small, so they may be easy to miss. Drive around and you will find a street called Dudley. Everybody there is carrying drugs or weapons. Note: Dudley is by Ozone.

Everyone along Ocean View in Venice, at the far southwest on the map, is carrying drugs or weapons. You can go up each street along Ocean View up to one block and everyone there will have something illegal on them. Also, armed muggers do not fight back on those streets. Just draw your gun and they will drop their weapon.

Hints: Get past fence:
When in a blocked off place with a fence on the other side, go up to it and face it. Do not hit any buttons. The game will put you back on the other side within five seconds. It is easier to do this than hit the fence and not get through.

Hints: Restore health:
Learn where the impound garages are located. When you get low on health, just visit the garage. You will not only get a fresh car, your health will be full again.

Hints: Blow up cars easily:
Drive up behind a car and go into 'bullet time'. Then, aim at the license plate and fire. Most of the time it will take a single shot. For cargo trucks, aim under the passenger side and slightly to the back and fire. This makes stopping street racers and other people easy.

To explode a car in one hit, go into aim mode and wait until your aiming crosshair appears. Then, shoot when it turns red. If it does not turn red, then just shoot around the license plate until the car explodes.

Hints: Driving Test mission: Repeated dialogue:
On the Con Girls episode, in the normal introduction of mission four 'The Driving Test', as Nick enters 'The Spot', he walks by one of the goons that vandalizes his brother's dojo. The punk's speech is exactly the same as when he is talking to Nick in the Vandal Wrath mission.

Hints: Cheat references:
In several parts of the city, there is graffiti on the walls, usually spelling people's 'tags'. When you find one, start a new game and enter it as a license plate to unlock an alternate character in that game.

Hints: Reckless driving:
To drive very recklessly, enter a vehicle with hard power [bus, truck etc.]. Drive around and crash many cars. When you crash about twenty-five cars, you will soon jump and crash. Get out of your vehicle and shoot it in the back. You will nowhave a reckless driving and killing rating; get many bad cop ratings; or get killed very easily and loose about two shields.

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