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BlopFable: The Lost Chapters Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Magic Combos:
A couple of the good spells are Assassins Rush, Berserker, Multi Arrow, Multi Strike, Slow time, Enflame, Heal. Good thing about melee weapons and Magic is that you can cast while blocking. Block untill they get close then use Enflame. Block use Multi Strike then use Assassins Rush and attack. Rinse and repeat.

Hints: Easy Money:
In Twinblade's Camp play the Spot the Addition game. Try to save as much time as possible. Round 1-4 say the objects, repeating them helps, on the fifth round easy way to do it is to look for whats not there, usually 4-5 things. Practice with low amounts of gold then when you get good at it max it out.

Hints: Unlimited Silver Keys:
This trick requires a spade/ First, take the Hobbe Cave Quest and go to the Rose Cottage. Walk to the circle of flowers near the house. Use your spade and dig up a Silver Key. You can also get 500 gold each time you do this if desired, by cutting the thorns and opening the treasure chest. However, you will get Evil points. Then, do a hero save and then load the saved game again. You should appear out of the Rose Cottage area. You can repeat this as many times as desired. If you want to get unlimited keys throughout the game, do not finish the quest. You can keep going back and getting the Silver Key.

Hints: Obsidian Axe In Oakvale:
Easy way to get high damage weapon early is the Obsidian Axe in Oakvale. Talk to the Chicken Competition guy, then the pirate, dig where the ghost says, then give his wife the money, after that dig in the grave for the axe and some gold.

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