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BlopDoom 3 Cheats and Hints!
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How to Cheat:
Press Ctrl+Alt+~ to access the console, then enter the following codes for desired effect:

god - God mode
noclip - No clip
notarget - Invisibility
freeze - Freeze everything
doomhell - Jump to the last level
give all - All weapons, ammo, shields and health
give ammo - Full ammo
give doom95 - Load the '95 version of Doom
give keys - All keys
give berserk - Beserker mode
give health - Health
give weapons - All weapons
give weapon_bfg - BFG
give weapon_shotgun - Shotgun
give weapon_chainsaw - Chainsaw
give weapon_plasmagun - Plasmagun
give weapon_machinegun - Machinegun
give weapon_rocketlauncher - Rocket launcher
give pda - PDA
give pda hellhole_id - Get a id software PDA [download names list from above]
spawn character name - Spawn a character [download names list from above]
map map name - Load a map [download names list from above]
benchmark - Game benchmark
com_showfps 1 - Show FPS
aviDemo - Saves a demo of your playing to an AVI movie file
gfxinfo - Graphics card infomation
vid_restart - Accept video settings without restart
status - Shows game status
timedemo demo1.demo - Benchmark test
r_gamma 0-3 - Set gamma level
r_brightness number - Set brightness level
s_volume_db number - Set sound volume [default is 0]
s_showlevelmeter 1 - Toggle sound level display [use 0 to disable this code]
g_showprojectilepct 1 - Toggle hit % to HUD [use 0 to disable this code]
pm_thirdperson 1 - Third-person view
killmonsters - Kill all monsters
kill - Suicide
quit - Quit game


Enable player shadows:
Use a text editor to edit the 'doomconfig.cfg' file in the game folder [create a backup first!]. Locate the following line and replace 0 with 1:

seta g_showPlayerShadow '0'

Modify .def Files:
The def files for this game can be found in 'doom/base/def' folder. Open these files in a text editor to make modifications on all of the game variables. NOTE: Back up every file you're going to modify because incorrectly modifying these files can have unwanted effects on your game and without a backup you may have to reinstall the game, erasing the progress.


Hints: Use ~ to access the console:
There is two ways to open the console with the ~ key only. One is to brind down the console and type 'com_allowConsole 1' [without the quotes]. The other is to generate a file called 'autoexec.cfg' in game's 'Data' directory, and put in the following line:

seta com_allowConsole '1'

Hints: Super Turkey Punch 3 Reward:
If you play Super Turkey Punch 3 in the common room at the very beginning of the game, and you get a score of over 25,000 you will get a message from the HR department congratulating you on your new high score and in appreciation of your hard work and time spent you have been docked 2 days of vacation time for hitting poor defenseless turkeys. [thanks, tytza]

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