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BlopPokemon SoulSilver Version Cheats and Hints!
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Hints: Unlock Cards:
Blue Card - Earn 1 Star.
Bronze Card - Earn 2 Stars.
Silver Card - Earn 3 Stars.
Gold Card - Earn 4 Stars.
Black Card - Earn 5 Stars.

Hints: Unlock Pokewalker Routes:
Amity Meadow - Unreleased to all versions.
Quiet Cave - Gather 100,000 Watts + National Dex.
Rally - Unreleased to U.S. versions.
Rugged Road - Gather 50 Watts.
Beautiful Beach - Gather 200 Watts.
Hoenn Field - Gather 5,000 Watts + National Dex.
Icy Mountain Road - Gather 30,000 Watts + National Dex.
Night Skys Edge - Obtain the PokeDex Data for Jirachi.
Beyond the Sea - Trade for an International Pokemon in the GTS in Goldenrod City.
Big Forest - Gather 40,000 Watts + National Dex.
Suburban Area - Gather 500 Watts.
The Resort - Gather 80,000 Watts + National Dex.
Town Outskirts - Gather 3,000 Watts.
Blue Lake - Gather 2,000 Watts.
Dim Cave - Gather 1,000 Watts.
Stormy Beach - Gather 65,000 Watts + National Dex.
Scary Cave - Gather 20,000 Watts + National Dex.
Sightseeing - Unreleased to U.S. versions.
Sinnoh Field - Gather 25,000 Watts + National Dex.
Treehouse - Gather 15,000 Watts + National Dex.
Volcano Path - Gather 10,000 Watts + National Dex.
Warm Beach - Gather 7,500 Watts + National Dex.
White Lake - Gather 50,000 Watts + National Dex.
Winner's Path - Nintendo Wifi Mystery Gift from 05/06/10 to 06/25/10.
Yellow Forest - Nintendo Wifi Mystery Gift from 04/01/10 to 05/05/10.

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