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.Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly PC hints
.Killer Instinct 2 Classic Xbox One hints
.CastleStorm: Definitive Edition Xbox One hints
.Best of Board Games Playstation 3 hints
.Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes iPhone/iPod hints
.Swamp Attack Android hints
.DG2: Defense Grid 2 Playstation 4 hints
.Worms 3 Android hints
.Stickman Downhill: Motocross Android hints
.Run Android hints
.iStunt 2 Android hints
.Dragons: Rise of Berk Android hints
.Big Fish Casino Android hints
.Angry Birds Epic Android hints
.Natural Doctrine hints
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Call of Duty: Ghosts Cheats Call of Duty: Ghosts Cheats for Xbox One
Welcome to Hong Kong, a vibrant neon city teeming with life, whose exotic locations and busy streets hide one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the world: the Triads. In this open-world game, you play the role of Wei Shen, an undercover cop trying to take down the Triads from the inside...

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ul other platforms: PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC.

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LEGO The Hobbit Cheats LEGO The Hobbit Cheats for PS4
Bilbo leaves the comforts of the Shire on a journey through Middle-earth to help the Dwarves reclaim their lost Kingdom of Erebor within the Lonely Mountain. Along the way, he is introduced to ravenous Trolls, dangerous Orcs and, of course, Gollum and his precious Ring. Players will utilize and combine the Dwarves' unique abilities...

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ul other platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC.


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October 17

BlopNintendo 3DS games
. The Sims 3: Pets Cheat Codes
BlopAndroid games
. Timberman Hints
. Thor: TDW - The Official Game Hints
. The Room Two Hints
. Terraria Hints
. Swamp Attack Hints
. Strikers 1945-2 Hints
. Stick Stunt Biker 2 Hints
. Spirit Stones Hints
. Scramble with Friends Hints
. Guess the Emoji: Movies Hints
BlopiPhone/iPod games
. iStunt 2: Snowboard Hints
. Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary Hints
. CSR Racing Hints
. Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes Hints
BlopPC games
. Hero of Many Hints
. Doorways: The Underworld Hints
. Gauntlet Hints
. Super Chain Crusher Horizon Hints
. Stronghold: Crusader 2 Hints
. Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset Hints
. Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold Hints
. J.U.L.I.A Hints
. Iron Fisticle Hints
. Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies Hints
. Bionic Heart 2 Hints
. Biglands: A Game Made By Kids Hints
. Beyond Gravity Hints
. Ancient Space Hints
. Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly Hints
. 6180 the Moon Hints
BlopPlaystation 3 games
. Slender: The Arrival Hints
. Fairy Fencer F Hints
. Best of Board Games Hints
BlopPlaystation 4 games
. CastleStorm: Definitive Edition Hints
BlopWiiU games
. Hyrule Warriors Hints
. The Letter Hints
BlopXbox 360 games
. Jet Car Stunts Hints
BlopXbox One games
. Killer Instinct 2 Classic Hints
. CastleStorm: Definitive Edition Hints
October 07

BlopAndroid games
. Worms 3 Hints
. Throne Rush Hints
. Stickman Soccer Hints
. Stickman Downhill: Motocross Hints
. Stickman Downhill Hints
. Stickman Basketball Hints
. Stickman Base Jumper Hints
. School Driving 3D Hints
. Run Run 3D Hints
. Run Hints
. Red Bull Air Race Hints
. Real Racing 3 Hints
. Perfect Kick Hints
. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hints
. Juice Cubes Hints
. iStunt 2 Hints
. Guess the Song Hints
. Groove Racer Hints
. Gravity Guy Hints
. Goat Simulator Hints
. Flutter Hints
. Dragons: Rise of Berk Hints
. Dragon City Hints
. Cartoon Wars 2 Hints
. Bubble Poke Hints
. Bouncy Ball Hints
. Big Fish Casino Hints
. Angry Birds Epic Hints
. 2048 Number Puzzle Game Hints
BlopiPhone/iPod games
. Real Racing 3 Hints
BlopPC games
. DG2: Defense Grid 2 Hints
BlopPlaystation 3 games
. Natural Doctrine Hints
. FIFA 15 Hints
BlopPlaystation 4 games
. DG2: Defense Grid 2 Hints
. Natural Doctrine Hints
. FIFA 15 Hints
BlopWindows Mobile games
. Hungry Shark Evolution Hints
. Assassin's Creed: Pirates Hints
BlopXbox 360 games
. FIFA 15 Hints
BlopXbox One games
. DG2: Defense Grid 2 Hints


BlopLatest Gaming News!
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.Pokemon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby Demo Code Giveaway!
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby are coming to the 3DS and 2DS on November 28 in the UK, bringing with them some major visual updates, mega evolutions, and adorable Pikachu cosplay.Can't wait until then to return to the Hoenn region? Wel... read this story

.Watch: Mario Kart 8 DLC Includes This Forgotten Double Dash Track
Mario Kart fans will argue to death over which game is the best in the series (a pointless endeavour considering the correct answer is 64) but there's certainly some agreement on which was the most disappointing: That old forgotten GameCube flop Doub... read this story

.Titanfall's "Biggest Update" to be Revealed Today on Twitch
Respawn Entertainment, the creators of the Xbox and PC exclusive FPS Titanfall, have announced that the game will soon be revamped with its "biggest update" yet.On Wednesday at 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern / 6pm UK), the studio will reveal its newest up... read this story

.Gabe Newell Death Threat Dev Resigns
Gabe Newell was personally threatened after his company mistakenly mislabelled a game on SteamThe developer who threatened to kill Gabe Newell on Twitter has resigned from his position at Code Avarice and may not return to games again.Mike Maulbeck h... read this story

.Attack on Titan Game Leaked on Australian Classification Board
A game adaptation of anime series Attack on Titan could soon be making its way to the West. A posting on the Australian Classification Board (via All Games Beta) reveals that a game titled "Attack on Titan" was yesterday granted the MA15+ rating for... read this story

.PSN Halloween Sale Discounts Resident Evil, Dead Space, and Castlevania
With Halloween less than two weeks away, Sony is kicking off a Halloween-themed sale on the PlayStation Store today that discounts a variety of games for PS3, PS4, PSP, and PS Vita.Everyone can receive the basic sale prices on these games, though if ... read this story

.Upcoming NBA Live 15 Demo Will Let You Compare It to NBA 2K15
Considering how EA's recent NBA games have turned out, and the fact that this year's was delayed by three weeks, there is understandably some concern over whether NBA Live 15 will turn out any good. Fortunately, EA isn't shying away from allowing peo... read this story

.Microsoft CEO: We Don't Have a Pay Gap Between Men and Women
In the wake of his controversial comments about women, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella now says there is no pay gap between men and women at Microsoft. In an interview with MSNBC, Nadella said men and women are paid equally at Microsoft with only around ... read this story

.Move Your PC Copy of Dark Souls to Steam for Free Starting in November
You'll be able to move your PC copy of Dark Souls--along with your progress and achievements--from Games for Windows Live to Steam beginning in November, although you'll have a limited time to transfer certain things.Many PC gamers were upset when Ba... read this story

.Watch John Cena Recite a Poem in WWE 2K15's New TV Spot
If you missed last night's episode of Monday Night Raw (or you simply tune out when matches are over to avoid being beaten over the head with social media and WWE Network promotion), you missed the debut of a new WWE 2K15 TV spot. Should you be hopin... read this story

.$5 Burnout and Need for Speed Games in Xbox One/360 Weekly Deals
Microsoft on Tuesday announced this week's Xbox One and Xbox 360 deals that you can score if you have an Xbox Live Gold ($60/year) subscription.Three Xbox One games and ten Xbox 360 titles are discounted this week, including R.B.I. Baseball 14 and va... read this story

.Rainbow Six Siege Features Input from Real-World Special Ops Soldiers
In a bid to bolster the authenticity of 2015's Rainbow Six Siege, developer Ubisoft Montreal sought help from real-world special operations soldiers. The developer wrote on its blog that it invited GIGN operators to its office to play Siege to help v... read this story

.Zelda Spinoff Hyrule Warriors Adding Link Amiibo Support
Count Hyrule Warriors among the games that will work with Nintendo's line of Amiibo figures--the Link one, at least.Nintendo announced on Twitter today that the Link Amiibo figure will work with Hyrule Warriors, which previously had not been include... read this story

.Metallica Performing At BlizzCon
American rock band Metallica will perform at BlizzCon 2014 next month, Blizzard Entertainment announced today. The band will perform the Saturday evening concert, taking place November 8.If you can't attend BlizzCon 2014 in person (tickets are sold o... read this story

.Alien: Isolation Getting Three New Maps, Another Playable Character Next Week
Sega announced today that the first of five Alien: Isolation post-release expansions, Corporate Lockdown, will be released on October 28. It features three "challenging and terrifying" maps for Isolation's Survivor Mode, and will sell for $8. It's in... read this story

.Microsoft to Launch Smartwatch Very Soon - Report
Microsoft will launch its own smartwatch in the next couple of weeks, according to a new report from Forbes, which cites unspecified sources who are reportedly "close to the project."The gadget will reportedly have health-monitoring capabilities such... read this story

.Sunset Overdrive Dev Explains Why It Chose 900p Over 1080p
Back in September, developer Insomniac Games confirmed that upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive would run at 900p/30fps. Now, the studio has revealed that it had the game running at 1080p during development, but chose 900p in part because th... read this story

.Get 4 Copies of Dying Light for the Price of 3
Feeling generous? Dying Light developer Techland has announced a special bundle for the upcoming game that lets you buy four copies of the game for the price of three on Steam. You can then gift the other three copies to friends--earning yourself som... read this story

.Mass Effect Director Now Working On VR?
It begins... @oculus #VR pic.twitter.com/RmE9fcVwTl — Casey Hudson (@CaseyDHudson) October 20, 2014When Mass Effect director Casey Hudson announced his departure from BioWare in August, he said he was preparing to "take on a new set of challen... read this story

.Civilization: Beyond Earth Coming to Mac and Linux This Holiday
The latest Sid Meier game, Civilization: Beyond Earth, launches later this week exclusively for PC. Mac and Linux players won't get to play right out of the gate, but Aspyr Media announced today that Beyond Earth will be available for those platforms... read this story

.Pick Up a PS4 for $360 Right Now
Online retailer NewEgg is currently selling PlayStation 4s on auction site eBay for $360, representing a nice savings of $40 over the console's normal $400 asking price. Shipping is free.According to the page, only a "limited quantity" of PS4 units a... read this story

.Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Gets Free DLC: Power of Shadow
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released free DLC for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor available today that lets players take control of a new character.You can now download the The Power of Shadow bundle, which allows you to take on the app... read this story

.Watch: Halo Nightfall Behind-The-Scenes Trailer
Microsoft has published a behind-the-scenes video for Alien director Ridley Scott's upcoming Halo: Nightfall digital series. The video introduces you to some of Nightfall's characters--including protagonist Agent Locke--and also highlights the overal... read this story

.Still No "Concrete Info" on Free Driveclub for PS Plus
Evolution Studios, the developer responsible for Driveclub, has apologized to fans for the lack of information regarding the delayed PS Plus edition of the PlayStation 4 racer.Driveclub's launch two weeks ago was marred by severe connection problems ... read this story

.Apple Sold 39 Million iPhones, 12 Million iPads In Last Three Months
During the three-month period ended September 27, Apple sold more than 39 million total iPhones and 12 million iPads, helping the tech giant record year-over-year increases for revenue and profit. Overall, Apple posted revenue of $42.1 billion (up fr... read this story

.Donations Pour in After Pro-Gamer Dies During Tournament
The tight-knit fighting game community has launched a donations campaign for the family of Terrance Moore, the Killer Instinct pro who passed away last Thursday in the middle of a live-streamed games tournament.Moore, known among friends and competit... read this story

.Xbox One Custom Backgrounds Coming via November Update
Microsoft has outlined numerous improvements, additions and changes coming to Xbox One via its monthly system update.The main attraction for November is the new personalisation features, which allow users to create a customised background. The corpor... read this story

.Xbox One Digital TV Tuner Now Available in UK
Microsoft has launched its digital TV Tuner for Xbox One across the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.The miniature peripheral receives TV signals from a coaxial cable (the old-fashioned wires used to air free terrestrial TV) and feeds that into t... read this story

.Indie First-Person Shooter Removed From Steam After Developer Threatens Gabe Newell
Indie game Paranautical Activity has been taken down from Steam following the posting of death threats addressed at Valve's Gabe Newell from developer Mike Maulbeck. As reported by Player Attack, Maulbeck's game was initially highlighted on a Steam s... read this story

.Amazing-Looking RTS Project Human Resources Canceled by Developers
If you were won over by the unique art style of Human Resources, a game just announced earlier this month, you may be in for some disappointment. The Kickstarter has been canceled by the developers citing that they anticipate coming up "woefully shor... read this story

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